Wednesday, March 11, 2009

BSG: Temple of Five - Awesomeness!

Oh boy, I love the storyline with the Temple of Five. Chief all weirded out and psychic (or cylon-y???!! I do not wish to be spoiled!) was awesome. And seeing Anders telling Apollo to basically stuff it and stay stuffed? Fabulous. In fact, I think I want an entire episode of nothing but Anders kicking Apollo's ass. Which he totally could, being about twice the size. I'd also pay good money to see Xena-cylon 3 paired up with Anders. Not going to happen I guess, but hey, a girl can dream.

The storyline with Baltar, 3's suicides and the hybrid and the whole Eye of Jupiter thing: more awesomeness. If I were to bet on two people being cylons at this point, it would be Chief and Ellen. Ellen because she was written out and I think she has to return, and the only way that can happen is if she's a cylon. Chief because of his strong reaction to the Temple of Five.

Interesting that while the humans see the temple as connected to the 13th tribe, 3 thinks she'll see the five "hidden" cylons there. So, were the 13th tribe cylons? Or were the cylons/five the original gods of humanity? Like Cylon Zeus, Cylon Hera etc?

Also can NOT wait for what Sharon will do now that she knows Hera is alive and held by the cylons. Hopefully they can get her out of the shitty daycare the cylons seem to be keeping her in.

I now also realize that it's not just Apollo who bugs the crap out of me, it's Starbuck too. Seriously, these two characters are written as such unpleasant, self-righteous, self-serving, arrogant JERKS that I have no idea whether the writers actually think I should like them or hate their guts. I hate their guts btw, just in case that wasn't clear...

Finally, where the heck do the cylons buy their beds? First Baltar's monstrosity, and then this hilarious, gigantic cradle for Hera!

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