Tuesday, March 03, 2009

BSG: Reloaded/Lay Down Your Burdens

Just watched the S2 season finale, Lay Down Your Burdens. Very good stuff. Loved the skip ahead to "One Year Later", since it set up a new world with new stuff to explore without a lot of effort. And I LOVE Cavil. I kind of knew he was a cylon when he was counseling Tyrol, but the scene when he meets himself in the brig was priceless: "Oh."

All the stuff with Apollo/Starbuck bores me though. I don't give a crap what their problem is and their whole "I love someone else but yet I will make googly eyes at you and be annoyed if you make out with someone!". Blech. The romance with Roslin and Adama is way more entertaining. I'm betting they were sleeping together way before that election happened. Definitely an intimate feel to their relationship and I love how the actors play that without hitting us with anvils like they do in the Apollo/Starbuck storyline.

And Rockstar President Baltar... my oh my. I'm hoping he gets his come-uppance. And yet, I hope he stays alive. He is too entertaining to kill off for sure.

I'm gearing up for S3! Maybe I'll manage to just catch up to S4 by the time it's finished!

Screencaps thanks to galacticabbs.com.

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