Saturday, March 07, 2009

BSG: Exodus 2

Wow, this show is really frustrating to watch at times. In the same episode there are moments of absolute brilliance like Tigh killing Ellen, and absolute dreck like every moment of Fat Apollo. The scene with Galactica entering New Caprica's atmosphere only to FTL jump out of there right before crashing was awesome. Beautiful. But then we have crap like the extended torture/mind-messing with Leoben and Kara when she has to kiss him and kill him and tell him she loves him? Almost unbearable to watch, especially as the whole scene plays out in front of a little kid.

And then more child pain! Yay! As Hera is found surrounded by horror and dead people, only to get picked up by Baltar and then a cylon. And then Baltar is thinking of shooting the cylon while she's holding the baby? W.T.F? At least this episode got everyone off the hellhole of New Caprica, land of torture, child endangerment, rape, brainwashing and general nazi-ness. Now if we can only get Apollo out of that ridiculous fat suit/makeup, things will improve...

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