Sunday, March 01, 2009

BSG: Downloaded

YAY! BSG truly returned to greatness with this episode. Sharon's baby is born, and taken away. Doc Cottle gets to show his stuff. And we get sarcastic, smoking Baltar in Caprica-6's head. It doesn't get much better than that. Amazing stuff from the Baltar/Boomer/Caprica triangle, with Xena thrown in for good measure. I abso-frakking-lutely love it. Nothing plays to Baltar's strenghts as much as to drip with sarcasm and . Beautiful stuff. Can't wait to see where the two renegade cylons end up now!

The storyline with Sharon's and Helo's baby was crushing to watch. I don't like to get too personal here, but I've sat in the hospital while my own preemie baby lay in a plastic box and seeing Helo and Sharon like that had me totally riveted. I'm glad the baby lived, but I really hope there is some kind of happy-ish ending there eventually. And Doc Cottle's anguish when he had to be the one to sell the whole "your baby died" line to the couple was wrenching. I'm sure he had to smoke at least one extra pack that day...

Thinking about this ep over night, it struck me that the imagery used for the birth of Hera and the re-birth of Caprica and Boomer was so similar. Hera screaming, then in her plastic box, mom and dad looking on, her tiny hand grasping Sharon's finger. Caprica and Boomer waking up, gasping for breath and disoriented in their tubs of goo, surrounded by the other cylons, Boomer's scream... Is Hera's birth another kind of download? Isn't every birth a kind of download? Every baby's brain already shaped by DNA...? Love these kinds of angles of the show.

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