Thursday, February 12, 2009

This Place Is Death

WHOA! That's been my Keanu-reaction to all this season's episodes. NTTAWWT! Being a fan of the smoke monster, it was really good to see him/her/it/them again. But I am also left with an awful lot of questions:

-WTF happened to Danielle's crew when they went down the monster hole? Why did the come back a) knowing the monster was a security system for the Temple and b) ready to kill Danielle? And The Temple's been mentioned before: Alpert was taking the Others there at one point. Is it a "safe house" because it's where the monster "lives"?

-Did Ben not know that Eloise was Daniel Faraday's mom? It seemed like he wasn't aware of that. And since Faraday was sent to the island by Widmore, is it possible that Eloise Hawking is also working for Widmore and that Ben actually didn't know that? Someone pulled one on Ben?

-And oh great, Charlotte dies! Another female character who seemed to have some promise suddenly made irrelevant and killed off. I was looking forward to seeing her decipher hieroglyphs and look at ancient ruins and the like. Bah! At least she got to have some creepy horror-movie lines like the ominous "this place is death!". Yeah, still not happy they wrote her out.

-Christian Shepherd! Very cool. Is he bad or is he good? And what kind of shoes was he wearing? If it was white sneakers, then it's the same shoe wear he had when Jack first saw him on the beach. (I checked: looks like no white sneakers, brown shoes of some kind... hmmm.)

-Charlotte's story to Daniel was not that mindblowing for me since I figured she was born on the island and we'd already seen Daniel in Dharma times.

-If Locke was the one who was supposed to push the wheel, then he was the one supposed to get kicked off the island instead of Ben. Would the time-flashes have happened then anyway? Did Ben realize that it was really Locke who should have been popped off the island, but decided to go himself? And what's all that mean anyway?

-If time stops flashing on the island, will the losties get stuck in the wrong time? Is that why Daniel was there in the Dharma days?

-Will Ben get sidetracked because he wants to go kill Penny now? He's getting less omniscient all the time...

-Interesting idea: if Ben knew that Locke was the one supposed to leave the island, is it possible that he deliberately "disobeyed" because Widmore's men killed his daughter? Did he decide to go for vengeance at the price of something else? Did he know he was screwing things up by turning the wheel, but didn't care because he wanted to get to Widmore by killing his daughter?

The show is really going back to it's S1 roots: smokey, Christian Shepherd, Danielle Rousseau... Which makes me happy. I like it when a story sets something up and then allows it to pay off when you least expect it. Btw, we still haven't seen Rose and Bernard. Wonder what they've been up to all this time? Living in a cave and ending up as skeletons perhaps?

Picture courtesy of lost-media.

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