Thursday, February 05, 2009

Lost: The Little Prince


What a show. Almost everyone gets a nosebleed. Except Locke, who has seen Alpert in the past and present. And Sawyer, who has now seen Kate in his own past. And Daniel who has Desmond as his constant. Is that what it is? These people all need a constant? If Miles was once the baby in the crib, will he be ok if Daniel goes back and sees him when he is a baby? Can he also find baby Charlotte on the island? She did say last season that she thinks she was born there. But who can save Juliet by providing her with a constant? Alpert maybe?

Sawyer was effing brilliant in the scene when he saw Kate. That was fantastic work on Holloway's part. Emmy nom? Would be if I sat on the jury... His face really showed everything: the grief and longing, the love and loss and just the sheer pain of seeing her yet being unable to be with her.

So who were the people chasing them in the canoe? A bottle that came from some Indian plane? Another plane crash? Or what?

I don't know why Jack thinks he can like totally trust Ben now. Like Ben isn't made out of deceit and manipulation. Even if he thinks Ben can help them, it seems silly for Jack to just trust everything he says.

So glad to see Jin! Hopefully he gets to hook up with the Losties, since it seems he's on the same time-flashing schedule as they are.

That scene with the light in the sky, I totally remembered that. Locke all angsty banging on the hatch finding some hope and faith again when the light came on. And in a later ep we found out that Des was down in the hatch about to kill himself when he heard the banging. So Locke and Des saved each other that time. Same night as Aaron was born... Woo boy. Someone at the writer's den better have a good spreadsheet and timeline taped to the wall! That night seems pretty important actually: Aaron's birth, Des and Locke both saved... interesting.

And yes, more and more I think we're headed for a scenario where the end of the show will be the beginning of the show: Jack flat on his back in the jungle. Running to the beach. Standing there in silence. And then no wreckage as he turns around to look down the beach. Last year I was obsessed with the pilot episode, and that's what I think now too: that first scene with Jack was from the END of the show, not the beginning.

Sawyer saying Juliet's name there at the end... was that a bit of a come-on? I loved how she told him to "go away". LOL. I think she'd be better for him than Kate. Less angst, more forceful directions.

They are my favourite couple right now anyway. I don't want them to necessarily get it on, but they totally have chemistry and make some kind of sense: they are both acting like real humans and Juliet seems to be the one person with some horse sense on the island at this point. Sawyer can do worse than sticking with her.

Are the whispers we've been hearing since the start of the show actually the losties themselves as they are time-skipping? I love the idea! When people first started talking about the whispers, the concept reminded me of the old Star Trek TNG ep when they're time-looping into destruction over and over again and can hear their own voices from previous loops. Is this what will eventually be revealed?

Damn, this show is GOOD!

Screencaps from The Little Prince, thanks to lost-media.

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