Friday, February 27, 2009

The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

Wow. That was a relatively straightforward ep for Lost, in a way. Except, of course, for the fact that we have no frakking idea of how Locke ended up not so dead after all. Seems Jack et al were indeed FOOMED to the island's past, while everyone else landed roughly, thanks to Lapidus. Who then took off in a boat with Sun (I guess).

Ben killing Locke had my stomach churning, even though I kind of knew it was coming. The evil bastard! And anyone else think Abbaddon knew Locke had to die, like Richard had said? Seems to me that Abbaddon and Alpert are somewhat kindred spirits, though I'm not really sure exactly what they are. Interesting that Widmore says he was the leader before Ben got rid of him. Where is Alpert in that equation? And how the hell does Jack not ask Locke HOW he got off the island? Oh sorry, this is Lost after all!

Ben is looking worse and worse, Widmore looks like he's... good? less evil? or just a different side of evil than Ben? Even young Widmore seemed like a psycho. Kind of like Ben!

Loved the scene with Hurley! And WALT! I was so glad that Locke had the decency not to ask him to go back! YAY!

And what's up with Cesar and the other lady on the island? Are they working for Widmore I wonder? Certainly seems they may know their way around the island a bit. What station/house were they at anyway? Not sure it looked familiar. Hydra station seems a good assumption: then we'd also know why Sun and Lapidus took off. They simply wanted to get to "the big island".

And seemingly Ben just wanted info from Locke before killing him. And he got it, including the name Eloise Hawking. Obviously he knew the name and who she was, but he didn't know that she was in LA? So how did he get her/her group to trust him? What exactly are the factions in the upcoming war? WTF IS GOING ON! Yea, same as always! :)

One interesting tidbit: they find John Locke Reborn standing in the water. Just like Jack saw his dad standing in the water. As per the makers of Lost, we know that they classify Christian as "undead". Definitely dead, but not gone. Whatever he is, is yet to be explained of course.

Screencaps thanks to lost-media.

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