Friday, February 20, 2009

316... not so great but what can you do?

This was the weakest episode of the season so far imo. Mrs Hawking's exposition and explanations about how they all had to "recreate the conditions" of how they got to the island the first time totally felt lame and half-assed to me. I thought they ended up on the island because of the island's specialness and because Des didn't push the button that time. Now it turns out they need to put shoes on Locke's corpse and carry guitars (Charlie's?)... wtf? And Locke is dead in a coffin to be a stand-in for Jack's dad? WHA? I hope she was lying through her teeth, because that is one lame-ass reason for Locke to die. Everyone should listen to Desmond: ''These people are just using us! They are playing some kind of game and we are just the pieces!''

I'm betting ALL the island-losties are stuck in Dharma days: Sawyer, Juliet, Faraday and Miles as well as Jin. We already saw Faraday in the donkey-wheel cave once, now we've seen Jin. Bet your ass Sawyer and Juliet and Miles are around too.

I also think Ben tried to kill Penny. Whether he succeeded I'm not so sure. I think Penny whacked him with a hammer. Or so I hope. His "who cares?" and "because my mother taught me" had me LOLing though. Darn that Ben! While I keep wanting him to get beat up, I still have a soft spot for him.

Not really happy with this eppie, even though it replayed the moment from The Pilot with Jack on his back in the jungle. I've said before that my pet theory is that we'll see that moment again. We saw it again tonight, but I think maybe it's not the last time we see it replayed in one fashion or another.

Lepidus being on the plane was both wtf and kind of interesting. He was "supposed to" fly the original 815 flight so there's something at play there. He needs a beard though... Both the latino guy and the woman with Sayid looked vaguely familiar. Not sure who they are though. Or why Sayid would be taken in custody to Guam... maybe Dharma finagled that?

The shoe thing! Damn shoes! It's going to be important. Is sneaker-Dad one kind of being and dark-shoe-Dad something else? That shoe thing will definitely be important somehow...

You know, one thing keeps coming back to me: why are all these people so interested in getting the losties back on the island? Certainly not for their good. Some game is being played or some objective is being pursued, and so far, no one has told the losties what that actually is. They may all be getting played by Ms Hawking or Ben or whoever is orchestrating all this. There is some big secret being withheld from the losties right now, and of course, they're not even asking to find out...

I have to add some Eco/Foucault's Pendulum love from Doc Jensen at EW:
Except that there's a giant pendulum swinging through this subterranean lair, marking up a map on the floor with a giant, star-like asterisk, indicating the location of The Island. Ms. Hawking repeatedly refers to the creator of her particular pendulum as ''this very clever fellow.'' (A mystery for another day — but my money is on either Dr. Pierre Chang or Ms. Hawking's time-traveling son, Daniel Faraday.) But generally, the instrument is called a Foucault's Pendulum — and Umberto Eco's classic novel Foucault's Pendulum is about a literary hoax that not only gets mistaken for historical fact, but blooms into a full-on dangerous cult. That's a huge load of ironic, heretical irreverence to have swinging through the basement/subtext of a church. Was Lost trying to counterbalance its exultation of faith by suggesting that organized religion (and especially Christianity) is just one big monolithic crock — a misunderstanding, deception, or even conspiracy that took on a life of its own? Or was Lost going after something less cosmic: Might these be clues meant to suggest that not all is what it seems, that perhaps the castaways are being led astray by ''false counselors'' pushing unspoken, possibly nefarious agendas?
Yeah, what he said! And that book really is a classic. I'm glad to find someone else who thinks so!

I also have to add that Matthew Fox did really well as Jack in this ep. He was no longer a robot he was Jack. His reaction when Ms Hawking expositioned away about giving Locke something of his dad's was spot on, so was the laughter when he put the shoes on dead Locke. Of course, it would have been too much to ask for that he'd ask Ben wtf happened to his face, or to ask Sayid wtf was up with his cuffs... this is Lost after all.

I think part of the reason why I didn't like this epi so much, is because I thought Fionnula Flannigan hammed it up just a bit too much as Ms Hawking. The explanation that the island for some reason needed them to "recreate" their first crash (like the island can somehow be tricked? or will think Locke is Christian because of his shoes? wtf?) felt weak and lame in itself. (I'm still hoping she didn't actually tell them the truth.) But her delivery was really problematic. It was like she was over-acting the whole time, pushing the "scary old lady from a horror movie" angle just a bit too much. And I usually like her! Someone on the net somewhere suggested that the actor who plays Ben would have made those lines of exposition sound a lot better and I think that's right. His little speech about Thomas was fantastic. Michael Emerson is a gift to this show, he just delivers the dialogue like no one else.

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