Friday, January 30, 2009

I frikking love this show

So far, this season of Lost absolutely and totally rocks. No more dithering about and adding layers of mysteries, just time-travelly goodness and action and island history. It's all starting to tie together, but we have still to see how deep the rabbit hole goes I suppose.

Also: I was right about 2 things! Which has like, never happened. That twerp on the island was Widmore (though he's an Other not a soldier) and Alpert is NOT time traveling, just getting info from time skippers.

I love Alpert. Even now, when some of his mystery has been stripped off (he's not a psychic time traveler), he is just awesome. He is obviously protective of the island and has a strong sense of the "chain of command". Interesting to note that he did not recognize Locke when he met him in the 50s. Does that mean that Locke and the Losties will not flash back to earlier island history? Or that they won't meet Alpert when they do? Or that he wasn't there? How long has he been there and how old is he? Juliet's "he's old" was said with a knowing half-smile. Did Alpert arrive with the Black Rock? Did Widmore and "Ellie" (Daniel's mom?) arrive on that ship too?

Widmore seemed arrogant and young: he was making fun of Locke's age... does that mean he WAS young in the 50s or did he just look young (like Alpert)? And who is Jacob, really? It seems to me that the Others need someone as a "communicator" when it comes to Jacob. As though they are not able to talk to him themselves. Was Jacob dislodged in time at one point and is that why only "outsider" like Locke can catch sight of him? Could Ben ever see Jacob, or was he just putting on a show to get to be leader?

And that bomb! Was it buried in a hatch, like the one that already blew up, or will it appear again further on in the story to be detonated?

Charlotte continues to feel more and more irrelevant. Please let her get something to do!

Juliet continues to be more and more awesome. It's like she's babysitting Sawyer!

I love Desmond. That is all. He also has the cutest kid on the show.

Loved how Daniel didn't bat an eye when Miles told him what the dead people told him! The 3 newcomers obviously know about each other's skills. It also kind of warps me that Widmore met Daniel, Charlotte and Miles on the island BEFORE he himself sent them there in the future. Yeah. Time travel is like that. Not sure how Daniel's mom plays into this since she now appears to be helping Ben (if she is Mrs Hawking of the pendulum): is she on Widmore's side? Or her own side to help Daniel?

How does the time traveliness play into the fact that Jack, for example, saw his dead dad on the island? Did his dad somehow timewarp? Was Jack's dad on the island once upon a time too? If that was baby Miles in the crib in the season opener, does that mean he was somehow timewarped as a child and is that why he can hear dead people?

Will Rose and Bernard end up in that cave and die there with a white and a black stone in their possession?

What an awesome show. I know some people don't like it now that the show seems to be heading into more sci-fi territory, but once the smoke monster was shown in its entirety, I think that was pretty much a given. Could the smoke monster be some kind of device from the future made to timetravel back to "clean up". Ack! Get out of my head Lost!

Screencaps from 5-03 Jughead, thanks to lost-media.

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