Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Hunt For Gollum

I've got to plug this movie. The trailer looks intriguing, the idea behind it likewise: to tell the story
of how Aragorn/Strider searched, and found, for the creature Gollum at Gandalf's insistance. It's an episode that is alluded to and mentioned in The Lord of the Rings, but we don't get to see it "first hand". Until now!

Take a look at the official website for this non-profit movie which will be released as a free download later this year. Since I know somebody who is on the production team, I can tell you they have and are still working very hard on this project. And no, none of them are getting paid. Rather they are blowing their own money to make the movie a reality. Also: orcs are not careful with props. Just so you know!

There's also a message board to discuss and ask questions about the movie.

Just judging by the trailer and the pictures: this movie looks great. I mean, look at that orc! I swear he looks right out of Peter Jackson's movies. I wish the movie-team the best of luck. Hopefully the release of the movie will bring them lots of positive attention and some well-paying jobs. Like, say, on that upcoming Hobbit movie for example...

All stills from the official site.

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