Saturday, July 05, 2008

Re-watching Solitary

Another epi with not much island-mythos stuff, but some, mainly from Danielle.

Her crew got sick she said, and she killed at least some of them: was this the time-warpy sickness as experienced by Minkowski and other freighties in S4? That would seem to be likely. Although there is still the unresolved matter of the "vaccine" Desmond injected himself with and the "quarantine" signs on the hatch doors. What was that vaccine really all about?

First audible whispers turn up in this episode, when Sayid leaves Danielle's neck of the woods to find his way back to the losties.

Supposedly, in the original script for Solitary, Danielle says that her science team was doing research on "time". The network wanted that part cut though: guess the sci-finess of the show was still being kept down somewhat back then. But it does make me wish we'd gotten a Danielle flashback at some point. I guess that might still happen, if we get to see her and her science team through the eyes of someone else, maybe Ben or Alpert?

Too bad Mira Furlan apparently wanted off the show. And too bad tptb didn't really use her as much as they should have (imo) while she was on the show. She was an interesting, strong female character with a real link to the island and its mysteries and she was offed without any definitive explanation or resolution to her story, beyond her finding Alex of course. I miss her too. Just like I miss Charlie and Eko, even when I know their reasons for leaving may have been more personal than story-driven.

Screencap thanks to lostpedia.

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