Friday, July 04, 2008

Re-Watching Confidence Man

There's really only one question to ask after watching Confidence Man: How come no one killed Sawyer back in those early days? Sure not for lack of wanting to. I'd have kicked his ass myself given half a chance. I mean, being a tortured bad guy with a weak spot is supposed to be all attractive and that, but come on! Letting people think you have medicine for a sick woman but that you won't give it to her, when you actually don't have that medicine? That's selfish jerk-off behaviour.

One can only be grateful that tptb decided to pretty much totally redeem Sawyer by S4.

Another note of interest: how slimy is Locke for suggesting to Sayid that it was Sawyer who clonked him over the head, when in fact it was Locke who did that? And he even offers Sayid a knife! Bastage.

Also, it's interesting how much they paired up Kate and Sayid in those early days. Not as a romantic interest story really, more as comrades in arms. And Sayid seems to be the one guy who treats Kate with respect AND doesn't act all over-protective at the same time. Interesting.

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