Sunday, July 06, 2008

Re-watching All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues

Yeah, I know: long title of an episode, isn't it?

This episode kind of marks the real beginning of the hatch, and the beginning of the others. Locke and Boone find the hatch "by accident", right after Locke and Boone have this exchange:

LOCKE: Don't you feel it?

BOONE: Feel what?


What is it he feels? The island telling him he's close to something important? Or the electromagnetism of the hatch perhaps? Anyway, this epi also marked the beginning of Boone becoming Locke's apprentice. Which was a storyline that made Boone a heck of a lot more interesting, but ultimately also made Locke seem a lot creepier.

As for the other storyline about, well, the others: it is interesting that we have yet to find out why women have trouble carrying to term on the island, if they conceive on the island. What the heck is up with that? It must in some way tie in with the foundation-mysteries of Lost (like the monster and it being so hard to find), since hints of it were put into the show right from the beginning. There must be something about the fundamental nature of the island that causes the problem. But what? And why the difference if you conceive on or off the island? Also, Sun conceived on the island, but her baby was ok once she left the island: had she stayed, she would have supposedly died before the third trimester.

Splendid bad guy that Ethan, btw. I kind of miss him too. Tptb gave him an almost alien vibe in this show, and what with the abducting of pregnant women, one might even think they were trying to throw us a red herring!

We also get further proof, as though we needed it!, that Jack's dad was a nasty piece of work and an sob to boot. I'm still wondering how much of Jack's dad is in that walking weirdness that is Kind-of-Dead-Christian.

Two other great moments: Locke predicting the rain, and Walt rolling all the numbers he wants when playing backgammon with Hurley. So much specialness in this episode!

Screencaps thanks to lost-media.

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