Friday, July 04, 2008

Re-watcheroo: The Moth

This is a good epi, but light on the myth-stuff which is what I'm mainly hunting for when I'm re-watching. The Charlie FBs are good though, and it reminds me of what a great vehicle Lost was to launch Dominic Monaghan into an acting career beyond being a hobbit in LOTR. He really gets to use all his talent: drama, comedy, romance... and he really shines. His acting jobs since Lost have been scanty, but he will be in X-Men Origins: Wolverine as Beak. Can't wait to see him in that. And I hope lots more work comes his way after that.

I have such a soft spot for that guy after the way he portrayed Merry Brandybuck so well in the Lord of the Rings movies. He also seems like a real nice guy with a real, honest interest in the environment and environmentalism. Where ever he is right now and whatever he's doing, I wish him all the best.

But back to Lost: The Moth. The one convo in this episode that seems to have bearing on the larger mystery of the losties and their destiny is between Kate and Sayid:

KATE: What we're doing -- chasing some phantom distress signal -- what are the odds of this working?

SAYID: No worse than the odds of us surviving that plane crash.

KATE: People survive plane crashes all the time.

SAYID: Not like this one. The tail section broke off while we were still in the air. Our section cart wheeled through the jungle and yet we escaped with nothing but a few scrapes. How do you explain that?

KATE: Blind, dumb luck?

SAYID: No one's that lucky. We shouldn't have survived.

KATE: Sorry Sayid, some things just happen, no rhyme, no reason.

We shouldn't have survived. But they did. Why? And how? We know Desmond's fumbling with the button made the plane crash, but how is it that they didn't all die? Did something happen with time/space? Was there some kind of funny business there: looping, splitting into alternative timelines/universes or was it just that "the island wouldn't let them die"? I wonder. Which is pretty much all any of us can do until the show decides to answer the questions. Gah!

Screencaps thanks to lostpedia and lost-media.

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