Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Re-watch: Walkabout

This is one of S1's great eps imo. The budding friendship between Hurley and Charlie when they try to spear fish, Locke's flashback to his dead-end job and jerk of a boss, Sayid reclaiming the photo of Nadia and partnering with Kate, Locke going boar-hunting, Rose telling Jack she knows Bernard is alive... it's a pivotal episode.

Also, two of the show's pivotal characters have their own pivotal moments in it. (Ok, that's enough pivotalness!)

Jack sees his dead father for the first time, standing on the beach in a suit and white tennis shoes. He follows him, and eventually finds Locke carrying a dead boar. This heralding the recurring appearance of Christian on the show, though we still don't really know what kind of entity he is.

Locke has his own vision. While hunting for boar in the jungle he comes, seemingly, face to face with Smokey. We never see what Locke sees in the scene when he meets the monster, but his face is filled with awe and wonder. Later, he told Jack that he looked into the eye of the island and what he saw was "beautiful". I'd love to see this scene again, from the other side: to see what Locke saw. I think that Locke's fate on the island was set once he met the monster and lived. Whatever it was he saw, it solidified his belief that the island is a very special place, and that he himself had a special destiny on it. Of course, the fact that he was able to walk after the plane crash must have been the start of this whole "special/miracle/destiny" theme that Locke keeps coming back to in regards to the island. And really, it's not hard to understand why he is so convinced that the island is "beautiful" when we consider how it changed his life.

One interesting point about the scene with Smokey is that the scene kind of hints at that it wasn't Locke who killed that first boar, but the monster. It's not explicitly shown, but we do hear a pig squealing as Smokey stomps around.

Jack and Locke's scenes in Walkabout, with Christian and Smokey, are crucial to the whole inner-most mystery of Lost imo. Could it be that they both saw some manifestation of the island that day? Or did they each see a "representative" of two different factions perhaps? Do Christian and Smokey represent opposing forces somehow? Just like Locke and Jack came to oppose each other on the island. Jack eventually rejects any wider implications of his vision of his dead father. Locke embraces his vision of the monster completely as proof of his own, and the island's, "specialness".

In the last two seasons of Lost, I do hope that the visions both men had in this episode are re-visited and that we the viewers will finally find out more about the true nature of what they both saw that day.

Screencaps thanks to lostpedia and lost-media.

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