Thursday, July 03, 2008

Re-Watch Continues! House of the Rising Sun

Adam and Eve. Who are they? That's the main myth-tidbit in this episode. Jack and Kate find the skeletons at the caves, Jack takes the black and white stone from a pouch on one of the bodies. They've been dead about 40-50 years by Jack's reckoning. He also figures they went to live at the caves and ended up dying there.

Who are they? Is it Jack and Kate, somehow? Bernard and Rose? The black and white stones make me think of Locke and his backgammon convo with Walt. Mystery, thy name is Lost.

Other than that, this epi mainly makes me yearn for Jin and Sun to get on better terms with each other, because their tortured love story pre-island and early-island is hard to watch. I want mellow Jin! Not psycho hitman Jin.

And what's with Kate's breakdown when she chooses not to go to the caves? WHO CARES? It's not like she's leaving Jack and betraying him or something, it's not like they were married for crissakes. And yet it's overly dramatized at the end of the ep. But I guess it was just tptb's way of showing us that it would not be a simple romance between Jack and Kate. Instead we got the triangle. Yay.

Funniest scene of the epi though: Charlie standing on the beehive. Yes, I do miss Dominic Monaghan. "That is the most crap idea ever!" Delivered perfectly. I do hope we get some more Charlie in the seasons to come. He looked good when he visited Hurley after all.

Screencaps thanks to lost-media.

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