Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Locke & Jack

Several lines of thought have cropped up for me about the general larger mythos and theme of Lost as I re-watch S1. One is that it seems to me that Jack and Locke were supposed to work together for things to go well on the island for the losties. There's the whole man of science/man of faith dynamic going on, and by S4 the two men can barely stand each other (at least Jack can barely stand Locke), but early on (like in White Rabbit) there is communication, understanding, respect. And both men, and the losties!, are better off for it.

Jack is the practical organizing kind of guy, the go-to leader who looks for shelter and water for the rest of the losties. Locke is the one who seems to be the group's shaman, the one who can offer advice and guidance and help the group even through his more solitary pursuits, like hunting. If they had been able to work together, could they perhaps have done better? But things kept pushing them apart and setting them against each other (the personalities of both men and their lack of communication skills not the least of the obstacles!): Ben, Jacob, Christian, the hatch, Boone's death, Jack's captivity with the others... one thing after another setting the men at loggerheads.

There's a thread at the Fuselage asking who won: Jack or Locke. I said I thought they both lost. And now I think they both failed because they did not work together. Will they be able to work together better now that Locke is dead? As usual: I wonder.

Screencap thanks to lostpedia.

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