Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Here Doggie!

I want a Vincent flashback. That's all there is to it. Even after just re-watching a few eps from S1 of Lost, I am forcefully reminded of how important that dog seemed way back then. And the more recent mobisode, "So It Begins", reinforces that yet again.

What was Vincent up to all those times he was just off in the jungle by himself? Was he reporting back to Christian a lot? Did he run errands for him? Was he somehow acting as Christian (or Jacob's?) eyes and ears when it came to the Losties?

Has Vincent seen and interacted with Smokey somehow? Can he too hear the whispers on the island? What else can he sense about the place?

How come Walt didn't ask about Vincent when he saw Hurley? Maybe because he'd already asked Locke/Bentham about him when he came to visit?

So many questions. Did tptb just use the dog as a device to get people to run off into the woods, and get us to think they were being watched (as when Jack, Charlie and Kate set off to search for the cockpit), or will it turn out that Vincent actually has a more important role to play? The scene with Christian from "So It Begins" certainly seems to point at something like that.

Screencaps thanks to lostpedia.

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