Friday, June 06, 2008

Season 4 Favourite Scenes

In my always humble opinion, the writing was very uneven for Lost's fourth season. Did it have to do with the writer's strike? I don't know. I found the writing uneven before and after the strike so I'm not sure that was the reason for it. The Constant was one of the best episodes ever. So was The Shape of Things To Come. While Something Nice Back Home pretty much felt like total filler. Even the finale felt uneven to me, certainly more so than previous season finales, though I know lots of people disagree with that assessment.

Anyway, this season had some awesome moments and here are my favourites:

  • Charlie meeting up with Hurley in "The Beginning of The End". It was soooo good to see Dominic again, and dammit!, he looked better dead than he ever did alive. I really hope we get to see more of him in the last 2 seasons.
  • Everything with the new odd couple Hurley and Sawyer. Also everything Miles/Sawyer and Lapidus/Sawyer. Quippiness rules!
  • The fakeout - flash forward turned flashback with Jin in Ji Yeon. Way to screw with us tptb!
  • Pretty much everything in "The Constant": Desmond meeting Faraday; Faraday flicking through his notebook on the island, and finding his own entry about Desmond being his constant; Desmond and Penny's phone conversation.
  • Jack seeing Christian just after the smoke alarm was set off in "Something Nice Back Home".
  • Hurley and Ben sharing a candy bar in "Cabin Fever".
  • Again in "Cabin Fever", seeing Alpert turning up in Locke's past (even though I don't like the implication that there's some kind of reincarnation at work, I really love Alpert wherever he happens to turn up).
  • Pretty much everything about "The Shape of Things to Come". Sawyer, Hurley and Locke playing Risk; Ben whipping out his cleverly hidden machine gun from the piano bench (the look on Locke's and Sawyer's faces was priceless!); Hurley defying Ben and busting the window so Sawyer could bring Claire inside.
  • And then, most of all, Alex' death scene. This was one of the strongest scenes ever on the show imo. Brutal, shocking and so well-played by all the actors involved. Michael Emerson is made of awesome. The look on his face when he realized Alex was dead... and then the line "He changed the rules!".
  • More goodness: Ben's appearance in the desert and Ben and Widmore's nocturnal conversation.
  • Faraday's rocket experiment and his comments about light not refracting correctly on the island in "The Economist".
  • Lapidus. Everything Lapidus. I want more dammit!
  • Michael's flashback in "Meet Kevin Johnson". Especially his meeting with Tom, aka Mr Friendly.
  • The scene in the first part of "There's No Place Like Home" with Jack and Claire's mom. Awesome work by Matthew Fox. Can't say enough about him or the other actors on the show: whether they are given grade A material or something less to work with, their performances are always stellar and he was outstanding in that scene.
  • Desmond seeing Penny again and The Kiss. Most romantic thing ever on Lost. Really really.
  • Also from the finale: Hurley challenging Jack's denial of the fact that the island did in fact move.
Screencap of the moment when Ben sees Alex being shot dead in "The Shape of Things To Come, thanks as always to lost-media.

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