Sunday, June 29, 2008

Re-watching The Pilot Part 1

So last night I re-watched the first part of The Pilot, thinking that all these years of Lost-dom would make me see many hidden messages in this first episode of Lost. And I was kind of right, and kind of wrong.

Like I've posted before, I do think that the very first bit, with Jack waking in the jungle and running for the beach could very well be from a different time than the rest of the episode. That is, that particular part of it, may be what we'll see again at the very end of Lost, but then realize that it has a different context than we thought originally.

However, I see very little evidence of Jack acting as though he's been through it all before. Same for everyone else. Kate sure doesn't seem like she's been through it all before: she's a lot more vulnerable and scared than she is these days on Lost.

The one big question for me in The Pilot, pt 1 is: Why does the smoke monster kill the pilot of flight 815? Was it just a plot device to strike fear into the heart of us viewers and show us that the island is very, very dangerous right off the bat? Or did that death have a reason more rooted in the myth and general story-arc of Lost? In that case, then what is that reason? Smokey has been very reticent about killing people. I mean, he didn't even kill Keamy! Eko was killed by it, supposedly the spiders that killed Nikki (blech) were also Smokey, and one of Keamy's underlings died. And that pilot. Now what did the pilot do that was so bad? I really wonder. I also really wonder whether we'll ever find out.

It's also interesting that the monster sounds so mechanical in this episode. Very machine-like. It's purpose seems to be to keep the Losties on the beach, scaring them of the jungle. So was it controlled by someone? Ben? Jacob? Or was this just its usual "security behaviour"? Sigh. If I could fast forward to ONE answer on Lost it would be the answer to "What is the monster?".

And what about Vincent? He's there when Jack wakes up, then he's there watching as Kate, Jack and Charlie set off to find the cockpit. Was he reporting back to Christian? I wonder.

Watching The Pilot also makes me realize how far the characters have come. Boone and Shannon dead. Rose reunited with Bernard. Sayid off the island, married, then working for Ben. Kate a mother to an "adopted" son. Claire off in who knows where doing who knows what with who knows whom. Sawyer gone from a menacing smoking guy (does he even smoke anymore?) to a quippy good guy. Charlie dead (still miss him... Dominic Monaghan was really good). Sun and Jin no longer the dominant/submissive couple they seemed in the beginning. Walt about 3 feet taller! Michael dead after his ordeal.

Hurley really hasn't changed much. That first night after the crash he got everyone some food from what was left on the plane. The social networking guy, the guy looking to the needs past life and limb. Slipping Claire that extra food tray.

And Jack, well Jack really didn't change much before he got off the island imo. He was still the doctor, the go-to leader (sometimes reluctant), trusting in himself and his abilities, somewhat ornery and obnoxious... just as he is in The Pilot. Jack's big change is still to come imo. We saw the first part of it in the flashforwards at the end of S3, and then more in S4. I can't wait to see what happens to Jack: Matthew Fox' portrayal of this not-easy-to-like hero with some serious flaws is some seriously great acting.

I wonder if we'll find out more about the crash of 815 in S5? In S1 we found out about it from the viewpoint of the losties. In S2 we saw the tailies side, and Desmond's: how he failed to push the button and brought down the plane. In S3 we saw the crash from the viewpoint of the others. And in S4 we saw the other wreckage, at the bottom of the Sunda trench. Was it put there by Widmore or Ben? Or is it somehow a real 815 from a different timeline/different past/different future? Again: sigh. 2009 seems a loooooong way away.

Screencaps from The Pilot Part 1, thanks to Lostpedia and lost-media.

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