Monday, June 30, 2008

Re-watch Continues: Pilot Part 2

Re-watching both parts of The Pilot, really drives it home how great a show Lost was (and still is) and how different it seemed when it crashed into my home once upon a time. Freaky, scary, funny, gorgeous and unpredictable.

Scattered thoughts
Holloway looks so damn different than he does now. Is it just that Sawyer has longer hair now and more scruff? Or did he lose some weight too to make those cheekbones "pop"? Something happened. And he dropped the smoking habit at some point. Just as well! Evangeline Lilly also looks different. Weight-loss probably accounts for some of it, and the fact that the eyebrows are plucked differently. Jorge Garcia has also changed: I know he's still a big guy, but I think there's some weight loss there too, and maybe something with the hair? Longer? Different hairline? I don't know.

And oh, now I remember how I detested Shannon! Good bitch-role! And how I wanted to punch Sawyer in the nuts... I mean gut... for most of S1. His redemptive arc has been very well done on the show: I'm glad he doesn't give me hives anymore! Also, his relationship with Kate has had a good arc to it as well, from The Pilot's mocking/flirting thing, to the exchange between them on the helicopter in "There's No Place Like Home". The dynamics between Sun and Jin are almost gut-wrenching in these early eps: he's so controlling and hard. I can barely stand it. I hope that's a couple that will eventually get a happy ending in spite of exploding freighters and the like. (Come on! Jin can't be dead yet, can he?)

And the polar bear shows up and gets shot, poor thing. WTF are those polar bears doing on the island? Did Dharma bring them? Or did they end up there some other way, maybe the same way The Black Rock and Yemi's plane ended up there: somehow attracted by the island or ending up on it when it moved? (Though I'm still not sure whether the island moves in time and space or just in space or just in time... gah, this show can be totally, mind-achingly frustrating at times!)

Locke and Walt
The scene with Locke and Walt on the beach when they talk about backgammon is so excellent. It makes me think that NOT bringing Walt back next season for more interaction with the island and, hopfully, Locke would be a crime. The relationship between them was excellently played by the actors and very well-written as well. It seemed to hint at so many things... I just hope tptb don't just drop that storyline (again!). And the dialogue in the scene: two sides, one light, one dark... The island anyone?

At the end of the scene, Locke asks Walt if he wants to know a secret: what was that secret? Was it that Locke has been in a wheelchair until the crash? Is that what he told Walt? I can't remember whether we ever found out what that secret was.

Claire, Jin, sushi and Aaron
Maybe the episode's most mysterious scene is the one where Claire eats the seafood Jin brings her. The baby has not moved since the crash, even though she has eaten since then. Then she eats this, the first food "of the island", and immediately Aaron kicks and Claire feels with certainty that it is a boy. Is that scene somehow greatly significant? Was Aaron in dire straits and then became "possessed" by the island somehow when Claire ingested the food? Did something important happen there? Reincarnation? Possession? Or just a baby finally getting enough energy after the shock of the crash to kick his mommy again?

The line of the episode, it may even be the tag-line of the show, is Charlie's question (yet to be completely answered):

"Guys, where are we?"

Screencaps thanks to Lostpedia and lost-media.

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