Friday, June 06, 2008

Random Lost Bits

Over a week since the finale and my brain is still turning it all over like a Rubik's cube, trying to make it all fit together, seeking patterns and new combinations.

Ben in the desert
When Ben turned up in the desert in his parka, he seemed to know where he was, didn't he? Not like he was surprised or lost... he just beat up the guys who tried to take him down and then proceeded to walk off to his hotel. Where he had a reservation (whether it was made before he left the island or somewhere on the way to the hotel, we still don't know). He obviously knew he'd get kicked off the island, maybe because that's what once happened to Widmore? But did he know where he'd end up? He seemed to have stayed in that hotel in Tunisia before and we already know Charlotte found that old polar bear skeleton with a Dharma collar in Tunisia, so it would be a good bet that a) he knew he'd end up in Tunisia, and b) maybe there's another way to port off the island that doesn't involve turning a big donkey wheel that moves the island.

Now that we know how the O6 got off the island, how come Sayid didn't push Ben for more info when they met in Iraq? Yes, he asked him how he got off the island, but then stopped asking when Ben lied and said he used Desmond's boat. How come he didn't ask about the others on the island? Or if they could go back and help the get off? Or about WTF happened when the island disappeared? Maybe he eventually DID ask all that, but the way the writers wrote in his reaction... meh. I understand they were protecting the big secret of the finale, but Sayid's reaction did not ring true to me. I want to know more about the Sayid/Ben thing anyway. And not just because Sayid is hot!

Penny and Sun?
Lots of talk on The Fuselage about Sun and Penny maybe hooking up to bring down their fathers and bring some clarity to the whole business with the island. I really like that idea. It would explain how Sun seemed to know that her father was in cahoots with Widmore and that owning a part of Paik enterprises would give her some leverage with Widmore. Penny already told Desmond in an earlier ep that she knows about the island, and I bet she knows a lot the O6 might find interesting.

What did they do on Penny's boat that whole week between getting picked up in the ocean and jumping off with a well-prepped lie for the cameras? (Well, besides the obvious for Desmond and Penny of course... ahem...)

Bad ghost, good ghost?
Are there two "ghostie apparition factions" at work here? Is one represented by Jacob and another by Christian and Claire? And are they at odds? Is one good and one evil? "Claire" seems to want to keep Aaron off the island (though arguably she could have been referring to someone else, maybe Jack, when she told Kate "Don't you dare bring him back!), while Ben says the island wants them all to come back.

I've read lots of posts online that seem to indicate that many people think Charlotte did not know she had been on the island before Miles confronted her. The interpretation being that she had indeed been there before, maybe in a previous "time loop"?, but had no memory of it until he brought it up. I don't think that's correct. I think she lied when she said she didn't know what Miles was talking about: I think she knew very well she had been there before and that she had worked very hard to find a way to get back there. Her whole scene with the polar bear skellie and the collar implies as much.

Deja-vu? Evil Twins? Circle?
Lots of big theories floating around that the Losties are in some kind of timeloop and that they've "done it all before". I'm not so sure about that. And I'm also pretty sure I don't like the idea. If we will eventually find out that they're all doing this for a second or umpteenth time, then I really have to wonder why they suck so bad at it! i've read that originally the show was supposed to be titled: Circle, which kind of hints at some kind of loop of course, but still... I'm not convinced.

However, I kind of like another mind-bendy possibility. Maybe when Desmond's lack of button-pushing brought down flight 815, something really weird happened: maybe there were all of a sudden two versions of the same plane. One crashed in the Sunda trench. One crashed on the island. The only problem being of course that Lapidus tells us that the pilot of the 815 at the bottom of the ocean has the wrong pilot on it. And there's also the tantalizing tidbit that he should have been the guy piloting 815! Now, the guy we know as the 815 pilot was of course slaughtered by Smokey in... The Pilot.

So what if the mind-bendiness is even bendier. What if the wreckage in the Sunda trench is the way the flight should have ended. With Lapidus as pilot. While the 815 that crashed on the island is some weird anomaly that the universe is now trying to course correct for. Maybe a lot of things happened that should not have happened that meant that a lot of people who should not have been on board ended up on board. Remember all those flashbacks with various Losties just barely making it on the flight? Could it be that either a) all of that was NOT supposed to happen and none of them were supposed to make it on the flight, or b) the island or fate or whatever was trying really hard to make sure they were all actually on the flight so that they would crash on the island? Yeah, my head hurts now.

Wonder if the very end of the show will be Jack waking up, just like he did in The Pilot, a closeup of his eye... but where will he be? *shivers*

The one person who is acting as though he's seen it all before is Daniel Faraday. When he saw the faked wreckage of 815 on the news he was crying but didn't know why. Then we had the whole business with Desmond going "back" to see Faraday in Oxford in The Constant, and then Daniel looking at a notation in his journal where it said Desmond was his constant. Then, as soon as the Orchid is mentioned in There's No Place Like Home part 1, he goes and looks in his journal and finds something written down about The Orchid and says that Keamy's executing the "secondary protocol".

He is then noticeably upset and worried throughout the whole finale sequence of events, and when he talks to Juliet, it seems he already knows there won't be a boat coming back for her. Is Daniel just really, really well-informed by Widmore or Abbadon? Or is he indeed himself some kind of time traveler, in the vein of Desmond Hume? Unstuck in time. And *mind glow* what if that happened right when the island disappeared and Daniel was in the water???? What if next season, we see him unstuck in time like Desmond was, but going back to S4 to affect the outcome? Or something like that...

Aaron and reincarnation
Is Aaron special, like a lot of Lost-fans seem to think? Maybe. Is he someone reincarnated? Ugh... it makes me wince just to type that. The reincarnation/Locke Lama/Alpert seeking storyline kind of bugs me still. I kind of hope the show doesn't go that route. I'd like possession of some kind better than straight up reincarnation. Not sure why, maybe because most of Lost's mysteries have all seemed to hint at some scientific or at least scientific-ish explanation, but reincarnation? That's not science. Guess I'll just have to wait and see.

And wait until next year! Oh the humanity...

Screencap from the S4 finale "There's No Place Like Home", thanks to lost-media.

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