Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Pilot Revisited

After reading various references to The Pilot episode of Lost, and how it may play into theories of it all being a time-loop that all or some of the characters have been stuck in, I went back and watched the beginning of that ep last night.

The key scene that many posters keep getting back to is the very first scene when Jack wakes up. And in retrospect, it is a very interesting scene.

We see his eye of course and then the camera pulls back. Makes me wonder: is it just the camera pulling back or Smokey too? Maybe Smokey was "scanning" Jack while he was passed out?

Vincent is there but runs off.

Jack is laying on his back in the bamboo. The way it's done reminded me forcefully of Ben appearing in the desert in Tunisia. Is this done on purpose? Is it possible that Jack in that part of the scene has actually just arrived on the island via some kind of teleportation/wormhole device? Like the donkey wheel kicking Locke off-island.

Jack gets up, takes the small bottle of booze out of his pocket and is showing he's suffering from various aches and pains. Then he runs like a madman (past a white sneaker in a tree, like the ones Christian later wears when he appears to him), through the bamboo, almost as though he knows where he's going. Sure, could be he's just running because he remembered he was on a plane and now realizes that it must have crashed, but he really does seem like he knows his way around.

He gets to the beach. And through all of this there are no sounds of explosions or screams. It is very, very quiet even when he reaches the beach. There is nothing but ocean and sand. For a moment.

And then, camera swivels, he swivels and we hear screaming, sounds from the crash site and Jack turns a bit more and we see the crashed fuselage on the beach, the people, the mayhem and so on. But for a moment, it's like there is no crashed plane.

Maybe those very first moments of The Pilot are NOT of Jack in the timeline we think. Maybe they are of him at some future point when he has been kicked onto the island from somewhere else. And ends up laying on his back in the bamboo. Vincent is there, so this must be post-815 crashing somehow. But maybe, in this timeline, when he runs to the beach there really is no fuselage there. Maybe, when the camera swivels and we see the crash, maybe that is him remembering what happened then? Or the makers of the show starting the show with one heck a of a big flashback!

I've posted before that I think the final scene of Lost might be Jack's eye opening, but where will he be? Is that what this could be hinting at? Or have I officially gone around the twist?

Hmmm... why not all of the above?

Screencaps from The Pilot, thanks to lost-media.

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