Friday, June 13, 2008

The Pilot, Re-Revisited

My obsession with the first few minutes of "The Pilot" is now officially out of control. Still, there's a fine line between obsession and... oh never mind!

This is the key scene. Maybe. Jack on the beach. If you go back and watch it, notice how strangely it is shot when the camera pans around.

Jack stands there, out of breath. Camera pans, pans left, and way before we've gone a full 360 degrees, way before we are anywhere near being back to Jack's original position: there he is. Again. Or will be. Depending on what time he's in I suppose. Sure, he could have moved, but the way it's shot is so very obvious once you spot it: it's like there are two Jacks, or rather that we're watching him at two different points in time, in (almost) the same spot.

Again, like everything else, it might be nothing. Or it may be a big ol' clue. Or maybe, just maybe, I've really lost my mind this time.

Screencap from "The Pilot", thanks to lost-media.

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