Wednesday, June 04, 2008

One Thing I Got Right

Trying to predict what's going to happen, or what's really going on, when it comes to Lost is hard. Not that I mind: usually the writers on the show have surprised me in a good way. But this season I actually did manage to put something together all by myself (ok, hubby helped) and then had it confirmed as correct on the very next official Damon and Carlton podcast!

It all had to do with Michael and his inability to kill himself or be killed. When he met Tom (aka Mr Friendly) off-island in his FB this season, Tom seemed to already know exactly what was going on with Michael. He knew Michael couldn't die. The Others then knew that this is what would happen to Michael when Ben let him leave the island. They knew that the island wouldn't "let" him die. Whatever that means. I mean, the mechanism of it, how the island lets you or doesn't let you die hasn't been explained. But maybe it is best understood as more of something that happens to you when you leave the island when you're not supposed to or something like that. Kind of like it was for Desmond when he tried to prevent Charlie's death: the universe (the island?) just kept trying to kill Charlie again and again anyway.

Anyway. Discussing Michael's predicament with my husband, it occurred to me that maybe Michael wasn't the only one who couldn't die: maybe the same was true for others. Like Ben and Widmore. That would explain my the two men seemed to acknowledge that they couldn't kill each other when Ben turned up in Widmore's bedroom. It had nothing to do with any rules they themselves had agreed upon, but everything to do with them being aware of the rules of the island. Damon and Carlton did confirm this in their podcast, and also added that Jack was affected the same way (which had not occurred to me). When he was going to kill himself by jumping off the bridge in the S3 finale, the island intervened (or whatever) and would not let him do it.

Is the same true for all the O6? And another thought: could it be that the island also would not let them die in situations that occurred before they got to the island? Remember how Hurley avoided the meteorite that hit the chicken shack where he worked? How Locke survived the fall when his dad tried to kill him? How Kate survived a car crash? How the Losties survived the crash itself? In other words: was the island/universe interfering even before they crashed so that they would eventually be on that plane and crash there?

Many people speculated back in S1 that the Losties did end up on the island by design. I always thought that seemed a bit contrived and unnecessary. But maybe it was actually fate, of some kind that spared many of them before they even got to the island. Or, even more noodle-cooking, there might be some kind of time-loop/time travel thingie going on so that this has all happened to them before. Or something. Who knows? All I know is that once, this season, I actually put some clues together and ended up getting something right. Yay me! Wonder if my theory that "moving the island" would end up moving it to the Arctic (known source of polar bears) was also correct? Not counting on it though... Besides, that would reduce the shirtlessness factor. Which would be a bad thing.

Screencap of Tom from the S4 episode "Meet Kevin Johnson", thanks to lost-media.

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