Tuesday, June 03, 2008

More Lost Bits And Pieces

I'm putting this link from Doc Arzt's site up because it has Miles in it, and he's obviously doing some of his ghost-whispering in this scene. Like I've mentioned before, that character of Miles Straum (hah! whatta name!) is really growing on me. Whatever happens on the island after it got whisked away into the warping, purple time-space continuum, I hope Miles is yapping with Sawyer and Rose while it happens. (His scene with her in the finale was gold: "I've got my eye on you, Shorty!" Is Rose usurping Sawyer's position as official nicknamer of the island? Could be.)

Btw, I just love Rose and Bernard. They seem like such nice people. Hopefully they won't get charged with DUI or anything and will be allowed to stick around until the show ends. My pet theory this season is that they are indeed the Adam and Eve that Jack and Kate found in the cave in S1. Will probably not happen, but I still like the idea. Just don't ask me what the sam-hell kind of time and space monkey business would have to take place for that to happen! I'm done trying to predict the science/myth of this show! Though I'm not saying my brain won't still spin like an oiled up hamster wheel whenever I think about stuff like the purple sky and the frozen donkey wheel in Dharma's basement.

Something I really do want to know (besides other stuff like: what is the smoke monster?, why did the statue have 4 toes?, why can't women conceive and carry to term on the island?, how come no one put out a health advisory that sex on the island is really dangerous because if you get pregnant you will DIE, wtf is up with gorgeous Alpert and his fabulous eyelashes and eternal youthiness?, who/what is Jacob?, how come Locke drew a picture of the smoke monster as a child?)... besides all that, I want to know where Vincent is. He seemed so omnipresent and important in the show's early days, but now we rarely get to see him. Did he get nabbed for DUI too? You just never know with these Hollywood-types.

And finally, the funniest thing I read today in the Lost-verse? It's UppaCreek's post in the "More Glyphs" thread at The Fuselage, in reply to the question what all those ancient and mysterious glyphs in the donkey-wheel cave may mean:
It says "Righty tighty, lefty loosey"
You just know Hurley would have had that line if it had been on the show.

Screencap from the S4 finale "There's No Place Like Home", again thanks to lost-media.

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