Sunday, June 22, 2008

McAvoy Would Totally Say Yes

IESB: Can you confirm or deny The Hobbit?

JM: I can completely deny it. It just seems to have all been rumors.

IESB: Nobody talked to you?

JM: No, not at all. Neither Peter Jackson nor Guillermo Del Toro have got in contact.

IESB: Would you want to play Bilbo?

JM: I think I’d need to see the script first. From what I hear them saying, they don’t even have a script. So you’d have to see if you’re right for the part, although I’m sure if I was wrong for the part, they wouldn’t even bother asking so who knows. We’ll see.

The quote is from IESB, via TORN.

I'd say he'd be interested if he was approached, but no one has officially approached him since there is no script yet.

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