Monday, June 16, 2008

McAvoy Strikes Again!

Like I speculated earlier when it was reported that James McAvoy said he would not play Bilbo, he actually seems to be saying that he has not been approached yet. From MTV Movies Blog:
“I’m a huge fan of the Tolkien saga, everything to do with Middle-earth,” he reiterated this weekend to MTV News. “But no there’s no truth in the fact that they’ve approached me yet.”
And then to score more points with fans of Peter Jackson's LOTR movies (I'm kidding!), he goes on to say:

But that won’t stop McAvoy from playing along with our readers. So who would he cast in the role made famous by Ian Holm?

“Ian Holm!” McAvoy proclaimed as if the answer was self-evident. “I don’t know if he’d be able to go back, but he SHOULD do it.”

Loves the Tolkien saga and everything to do with Middle Earth, eh? A fan of Ian Holm's performance as Bilbo, eh? He will totally say yes if asked.

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