Friday, June 27, 2008

Lost Time Loop Speculation

So I'm reading about time-loops all over the board at The Fuselage. That Jack have been to the island before and is slowly regaining his memory of a previous stay over the course of the show. That Ben seems to know what's going on all the time. That all the losties may be doing it all for the second or third or more? time. That Kate's search for that little toy plane was the search for a constant. (Though I thought constants had to be people? Maybe not?)

However, imo, it would kind of cheapen everything that has happened so far if it was all a do-over for everyone, or even just for Jack. Plus he doesn't act, again imo, like someone who has been through it all before. He acts like someone who is honestly trying to figure it all out without losing his mind or his reliance on science. Even when science (at least science as he knows it) seems to fall short.

I've said it before though: the one guy really acting as though he's doing some time-traveling is Daniel Faraday. I think he might be doing something like what Desmond was doing, ie his mind is jumping between some point in the future into various points in the past. That would explain why he cried when he saw the (faked?) wreckage of 815 on TV, any why he seemed to somehow know that Juliet would not make it off the island when she turned down his offer of a ride.

And about that wreckage. Was it really faked? Or is it the wreckage as it "should" have been? From some sort of alternate future timeline where 815 did NOT crash on the island? And does that mean that the pilot of that 815 was Lapidus? And would it also mean that the Losties were on the plane? Or maybe that they were not: maybe all those coincidences that almost made them miss the flight actually ended up making them miss the flight? Locke, Hurley, Sayid, Sun... maybe in some alternate timeline they all missed the flight? And then it crashed in the ocean and ended up at the bottom of the Sunda trench?

Maybe what the ultimate endgame will involve, is to somehow reset the timeline, and "clean up" the alternate future where some of the 815ers survive the crash and end up on the island? (Or maybe the clean up will be more extensive, going back to before Dharma found the island?) Maybe, in the end, what is needed is for someone to do something on the island that reboots everything. Jack? Is that what is really happening at the very beginning of The Pilot when he wakes up in the bamboo? Not that the crash is happening for the second time, but that those first scenes before he finds the plane, are from his second time on the island. And he runs to the beach to see what time it is... and in the final Lost episode there will be no crashed plane there.

That would also mean that the mobisode "So It Begins" is actually how it ends. Because in my scenario, that scene is playing out when Jack does come back to the island

And will someone else be there too with him? Kate? Maybe. And his dad. And Vincent! No alone time...

The one problem I have with many of the various time-loop theories put forth at The Fuselage is that they seem too complex and too unwieldy to introduce on a show like Lost. Sure, there have been a lot of weird stuff going on on the island, but none of it has ever required much talk to explain it: a little Dharma video, some Daniel Faraday mumblings and some Ben snappishness and off we go! See how they introduced the Frozen Donkey Wheel? A little bunny-movie, Ben throwing out some one-liners and that was it. Lost is getting more and more sci-fi-ish, but it's still a character-driven drama in many ways. Whatever is going on with time-weirdness in the end, I don't think it will involve:
  1. physical doubles of people (aka paradox twins like in Back To The Future when a past and future version of a person can meet)
  2. physical time travel to the past - though the scene with Alpert and Locke when Locke was a boy makes me wonder... still, the rules for and examples of time travel we've seen so far, are all about being sent into the future - except that one dharma polar bear in the desert. Either it was pushing the donkey wheel a looooong time ago, or it was shoved into the past somehow... hmmm
  3. any of the Losties being revealed as having been through the whole island/crash thing before - like I said, I think that would cheapen everything we've seen on the show... but then again I thought it would be cheapening it if people could be resurrected, and now tptb are strongly hinting that Locke will be resurrected...
Somehow the time weirdness will be explained hastily and summarily. Not necessarily in a satisfactory manner... just think of how much there is to wonder about Desmond's time travel! But the scenario will be less complex than a lot of the fan theories, that is my firm belief and hope.

Like I posted at The Fuselage recently, any complicated scientific matter will probably be explained with
[blurry Dharma video]
[Daniel Faraday techno-babble]
Hurley: "So, like, the island dumped you guys in the past/future/alternatve timeline with all that... exotic matter/singularity vibrations/whatever?
Sawyer: "That's about it Snuffy!"

Or something like that...

Screencaps from Confirmed Dead, The Pilot and There's No Place Like Home thanks to lost-media.

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