Saturday, June 28, 2008

Guillermo, I Think I Really Really Like You

Frosty over at managed to ask Guillermo Del Toro some questions when he was on the red carpet at The Saturn Awards. (He's representing for Hellboy II.) The interviews are here, and they are well worth a look. Not just for the answers to questions that range from casting for the hobbit, creatures for the hobbit, Hellboy II, Pan's Labyrinth and more, but because it's neat to see the future director of The Hobbit up close and personal. In what I imagine might be a rather rushed situation on the red carpet, and with a very knowledgable and enthusiastic interviewer who just happens not to be a world famous talking head on TV, GDT still comes across as absolutely devoted to answering the questions, not just brushing it off.

I'm impressed with what I see there. GDT seems not only well-versed in The Hobbit, but earnest, friendly, open and interested in giving good answers to good questions. He is also funny, certainly, but there is definitely a serious, and yes earnest, edge to him that I appreciate. Somehow he seems so geeky! In the best of ways.

Now I have to snap up a copy of The Devil's Backbone.

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