Friday, June 13, 2008

Great Column By DocArzt

Doc Arzt's column on Lost for Craveonline, comparing season 4 to the previous seasons is a good read. I don't agree with everything, but I do agree with him that the finale felt rather flat, especially compared to previous finales. There were a lot of fantastic stuff in the three part episode "There's No Place Like Home", but it just wasn't as good as we've come to expect from Lost. Like the Doc says:
Essentially, season 4’s failing comes down to this. The story of the island, and the escape from the island has advanced considerably. We know of John Locke’s potentially ancient connection to the island, the Ben and Widmore ‘game’, the presence of off-island manipulators working to cover up the existence of the island. A group of characters with abilities and knowledge that seem requisite to providing exposition on the island’s weirdness are in place, and it all looks like this baby could be tied up in the next couple of seasons very nicely.

The glaring problem is, in the end the finale – as expertly crafted and acted as it is – leaves us in the exact same spot as the season three finale. Having answered at least part of the question left by the “We have to go back” moment of season three, “How did they get off the island?”, an even more key question lingers on: Why do they have to go back? In this case, the only new question is what happened to John Locke, and the total lack of information to tease at what that may look like leaves it feeling like an increasingly heavy pit in my stomach.
I agree with that assessment. I also agree that the show did a very good job with the new characters introduced this season. Faraday, Lapidus, Charlotte and Miles are all characters I want to find out more about and that I am curious to see use their various abilities. The freighter captain and Keamy the Kommando were very good too, as well as Minkowski and the ship's doctor. With a regular-length season I think all those characters would have been given more to do which would have been nice, but at least the four freighties still on the island (presumably) are an interesting bunch.

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