Friday, June 13, 2008

Flat On Their Backs

Just to compare and contrast, here are the pics of Ben in the Tunisian desert from "The Shape of Things To Come", and Jack in the bamboo from "The Pilot".

I know it might just be that the two men just "crashed" in different ways: Jack by falling from the plane somehow and Ben being donkey-wheel-kicked through space-time, but the similarities are really playing with my head right now.

Both are injured. Both seem totally out of breath. And in both instances we start with an extreme closeup of their faces, in Jack's case of his eye, then pull out. Could be nothing. Or it could be something. Isn't that always the way it is with Lost?

Anyone want to go into detail, check out the screencaps of Ben here, and of Jack here.

Edited to add this link. Jack on his back and what seems like a black, cylinder-shaped object next to him. Is it Ben's "stick"? Seems too big. But then what is it? Also, interesting discussion there along the same lines as what I've been doing recently.

Edited once again to add the link to the last of the mobisodes: So It Begins. A lot of the mobisodes seem to be mainly filler or just "nice to know" stuff. But others seem more important and this one really seems significant. Christian Shepard sends Vincent off into the jungle to find Jack. Then cut to Jack in the bamboo from "The Pilot". Things that make you go "hmmm".

Screencaps from "The Pilot" and "The Shape of Things To Come", thanks to lost-media.

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