Thursday, June 19, 2008

DOH! I Missed The Mobisodes!

I can't believe I missed the Lost mobisodes when they first came out during the show's hiatus last year. I've already mentioned them before, but they are worth mentioning again, especially now when the show is back on hiatus and some of us are in need of a Lost fix by any means possible.

For anyone who was as bad a fan as I was, Lostpedia has a good answer to the question: What are the mobisodes?

Lost: Missing Pieces is a series of 13 mobisodes/webisodes which were released weekly on Verizon mobile phones and six days later on between November 6, 2007 and February 4, 2008. Running between 1:22–3:27 in length, each mobisode fills in a narrative gap somewhere in the timeline from the first three seasons. Featuring new content that is incorporated into the existing storyline of Lost, the mobisodes are considered a canonical extension of the series. Some stock footage and a deleted scene was also used.
The mobisodes being "canonical" sounds ridiculously biblical in a way, but that's the way it goes when a show branches out into video games, online questing, and stuff like the current Octagon Global Recruiting. Some of that stuff turns out to be not necessarily part of the mythos, but apparently the mobisodes are. Which is good. I think.

Anyway. The mobisodes are easily found over on YouTube by typing in either the name of the mobisode or "Lost mobisodes" or something like that. The most interesting ones imo are number 6 "Room 23" and the 13th and last one, "So It Begins".

In "Room 23" we see Juliet and Ben talking at the time when they still held Walt captive. Turns out Walt has all the Others freaked out and has somehow managed to get birds to kill themselves by smashing into the boarded up window of the room where he's being held. Ben doesn't want to let him go, but when he sees the birds he looks a little shook up. If this mobisode foreshadows a return of Walt to more regular appearances, then that would be awesome. All the Walt stuff from S1, with the hinted-at powers and the comic book and his mysterious, backwards-talking appearances... all that seemed so significant back then. And his relationship with Locke was great too. Hopefully we'll see him interact with a non-dead Locke next season. Somehow.

"So It Begins" is easily the most mind-blasting of the mobisodes. It looks like just post-crash, Christian Shepherd sends Vincent off to wake up Jack in the bamboo. Christian is wearing his white sneakers (something that may be significant as per this thread at The Fuselage) and looks very stationary. Like he's stuck to the ground? I don't know. But I'm thinking we now know what Vincent was up to all those times Walt and Michael went looking for him in S1.

I'd be glad to see more of Vincent in the upcoming seasons too. He was another character that seemed all significant back then, only to be more or less dropped in following seasons. Walt didn't even ask about him when he met Hurley! (Though maybe he asked Locke/Bentham? I hope we'll get to see that.)

I also liked the 4th mobisode, "The Deal", which shows us Michael talking to Juliet before he sets off to free Benry (and kill Ana Lucia and Libby in the process). Not a lot of new info, but nice little scene with Juliet. She was kind of treated off-handedly this season. What with tptb dropping her love-interest-angle with Jack like a boiling hot potato in "Something Nice Back Home", and then Jack not even once mentioning her name when he leaves the island or off the island... And this after he specifically told her they'd get off the island together yadda yadda yadda. Of course he promised a lot of people that and some of them got blown to smithereens on the freighter or purple-skye-ed lord knows where with the island, but still. I'd like to think he would have at least mentioned her once when on that chopper. I think this is one example of tptb totally dropping the ball with something. After all the setup we got for Juliet and Jack's relationship, whether they were just friends or more doesn't really matter to me, they really handled their "breakup" badly. It wasn't as badly conceived and handled as the whole Nikki and Paolo thing, but hey, that was awful and let's just never mention it again...

There's more nice Juliet stuff in mobisode 5, "The Sleeper", where she tells Jack she's still working for Ben (just after she did Sun's ultrasound) but that she won't do his bidding anymore.

Mobisode 10, "Jack, Meet Ethan. Ethan? Jack" is also a nice S1 tie-in. I miss William Mapother's Ethan. He was great at being creepy and kind of pitiable all at the same time. A nice precursor to Ben really. In the mobisode he mentions to Jack how his wife died in childbirth. Of course he leaves out some important info, like the fact that he's an Other, that he wants to abduct Claire, that it's super easy to get preggers on the island and oh yeah, that pregnancy is FATAL!!!!! But you know, for an Other it was a pretty honest conversation.

Promotional pics of the S4 cast, Walt and Juliet thanks to lost-media.

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