Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dead To Be Alive?

Ok, so the title is a really lame rip on "Born To Be Alive". What's it got to do with anything? Well, Lost of course. What else?

In a previous entry I speculated about Egyptian mythology, Maybe-Dead-Locke, Yemi and Christian and Smokey. Now I'm thinking about the same stuff, basically. Is there some kind of advantage or importance to dying off the island and then being brought there after you're dead? I mean, why is it that Christian specifically started walking around almost right after the crash? Did it have to do with Jack somehow? Does he have "powers"? Or does it have to do with the fact that Christian died OFF the island?

Lots of people died on the island and we never really saw them acting as frisky as Christian or Yemi. Yemi might have died when his plane crashed, but more likely he died before it reached the island (however that happened). Now Locke is presumably dead off the island and Ben says he has to go back with the O6. Why? So that he can "come back" the same way Yemi and Christian did seems to be the most common answer in the Lost-verse these days. But why Locke specifically? No other corpses of people who died ON the island will apparently do. Is there some difference then between dying on the island and off the island?

The situation almost seems to mirror what happens to unborn children. If they are conceived ON the island, they and their mother will die. If they are conceived OFF the island (like Alex and Aaron), then they are ok. Also, if you conceive ON the island and make it off of it before your third trimester, you are also ok. So it is something about the island in that case, that causes a problem with pregnancy.

I still have no clue why there is a problem with babies conceived on the island and I don't think the show has provided enough info for us to be anywhere near working it out yet. But as for the dead... could it be that if you die ON the island, your soul doesn't actually leave but sticks around somehow and because of that you can't become "possessed" by whatever it is that's possessing Christian and Yemi? If you die OFF the island, then maybe you are more of an "empty vessel" when you arrive there, and whatever it is then takes your earthly remains (because the bodies do disappear) and then you are way more interactive than most dead people.

Or does the time distortion on the island mean that somehow your alive-self is present (though invisible) at the same time as your dead self? While that doesn't happen the same for a dead body brought there? Is that what Miles is doing: listening to all those who died but are still there somehow because of the time weirdness? Alternate dimensions? What? Or does the island's electromagnetism somehow "record" your life and the moments of your life and endlessly play them back to those able to listen (like Miles)?

It would seem that both Yemi and Christian retain knowledge of who they were or rather who the bodies they chose to "mimic" were. Christian acts like a grandfather with Aaron. Yemi discusses Eko's past with him. Yet Yemi basically tells Eko that he is not his brother. With Eko we also saw him being "scanned" by the monster... so did the "memories" for Yemi come from Yemi's dead body or from Eko's mind? And does Christian actually know who he "was", or is the thing possessing him just using bits and pieces of the Losties' memories to act "familiar"? I don't remember if Dead Christian ever talked to Jack about any specifics from Jack's past...

Hooo boy. Yeah, my head hurts again. In short though: it seems to be better to be conceived and die off the island. If you're conceived off-island you can still be born there, no problem. And if you die off-island you can come back to "life" there. Does it all have to do with that (argh) reincarnation stuff hinted at with Alpert and Locke? I hope not. I hope there's something else, though only tptb knows what I guess. At least I hope they know...

Screencaps from "White Rabbit", thanks to lost-media.

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