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4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42

Remember The Numbers? Remember when they seemed to be really important for Lost's end-game? Hurley won the lottery with them, but originally got them from a guy in the looney bin who got them, ultimately, from a weird radio transmission in the Pacific or some-such (guess where from?). They were on the first hatch Boone and Locke found. According to people who have played along with some of the extra-curricular Lost activities the numbers have to do with the Valenzetti equation. And they still keep popping up everywhere, but these days they seem to have lost their importance and are more like props or background noise.

Here's my own cheesy tribute to these numbers.

4 Favourite Ben lines

Ben/Henry Gale: I guess this is my reward for good behavior, huh? I finally got some points for drawing Ana-Lucia that map.
Locke: What?
Jack: Did you--
Locke: No.
Ben/Henry Gale: Wow, you guys have some real trust issues, don't you? Guess it makes sense she didn't tell you. I mean, with the two of you fighting all the time. Of course, if I was one of them -- these people that you seem to think are your enemies -- what would I do? Well, there'd be no balloon, so I'd draw a map to a real secluded place like a cave or some underbrush -- good place for a trap -- an ambush. And when your friends got there a bunch of my people would be waiting for them. Then they'd use them to trade for me. I guess it's a good thing I'm not one of them, huh?
Ben/Henry Gale: You guys got any milk? (The Whole Truth, 2:16)

"Destiny, John, is a fickle bitch!" (Cabin Fever, 4:11)

"Karl, if you're going to be sleeping with my daughter I insist that you call me Ben." (Confirmed Dead, 4:2)

"He changed the rules." (The Shape of Things To Come 4:9)

8 Great Lost Links

The Whispers Thread at The Fuselage
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Lost Island Map
The Long Lost List
Doc Arzt's blog

15 Sawyer-nics

  • Sundance - Jack
  • Cool Hand - Jack again
  • Amarillo Slim - yeah, Jack
  • Kenny Rogers - Frank Lapidus
  • Sulu - Jin
  • Colonel Kurz - Locke
  • Chachi - Karl
  • Norma Rae - Bernard
  • Chinatown - Pickett
  • Broken Nose Man's Girl - Colleen Pickett
  • Yoda - Ben
  • Monkey Island - the island itself
  • Captain Bligh - Michael
  • Snuffy - Hurley
  • Skeletor - to (Ben's rather bony dad) Roger. The last two are probably the funniest ones imo. They made me laugh so hard when I watched that episode (Tricia Tanaka Is Dead)!
(Big thank you to this site!)

16 Pieces of Lost Trivia

  1. The first season depicts the first 44 days on the island. Locke mentions this when talking to Desmond inside the hatch.

  2. The first episode debuted on ABC with 18.65 million viewers. The second episode attracted 16.33 million viewers.

  3. Jennifer Jason Leigh was approached to play the part of Libby, but she declined.

  4. During Charlie's heroin scenes, Dominic Monaghan is actually snorting brown sugar.

  5. Vincent, the dog, is actually played by a female dog, whose name is Madison.

  6. ABC picked up the show before there even was a script. J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof had only turned in an outline and based on this ABC picked up the show.

  7. Originally, Michael Emerson was only cast for a few episodes in season two. The producers were so impressed with his performance that they cast him as a regular and rewrote the part of Henry Gale/Ben to feature him more prominently.

  8. The two-part pilot episode was the most expensive in ABC's history, reportedly costing between $10 million and $14 million. The average pilot is usually in the region of $4 million.

  9. The only member of the principal cast who didn't have to audition for a role was Terry O'Quinn, with whom J.J. Abrams had previously worked on the second season of "Alias" (2001)

  10. The original name of Charlie's band was The Petting Zoo. This had to be changed, however, when it transpired that there really is a band called The Petting Zoo.

  11. James Cash lost the part of Jack Shepherd to Matthew Fox at the final auditions.

  12. Jorge Garcia was the first person cast for the series.

  13. Michael Keaton was considered for the part of Jack, but turned it down. Had he accepted, he would have been killed off in the pilot episode.

  14. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbajecame up with his own character's name, "Mr. Eko", while he and the writers were developing the character.

  15. The series began development in January 2004 when Lloyd Braun, then head of ABC, ordered a script that fused the concepts of the film Cast Away (2000) and the popular reality TV show "Survivor" (2000). Braun was unimpressed with the initial effort and the subsequent rewrite so he contacted J.J. Abrams, whose series "Alias" (2001) was a hit for the network. Although initially hesitant, Abrams gave it a go in collaboration with Damon Lindelof. Their script was greenlit, but because it had been commissioned so late in the 2004 development cycle it was under very tight deadlines. Ironically, before the pilot aired Lloyd Braun was sacked by ABC's parent company, Disney - for greenlighting such an expensive and risky project.

  16. Charlie was in a band called Drive Shaft, whose only hit was called "You All Everybody". That song can be heard in the background of an episode of "Alias" (2001), another show created by J.J. Abrams.
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23 Really Great Episodes

From Season 1:

The Pilot - What is there to say? It was a totally action-packed, mind-bending start to the show. I remember being so happy to see Dominic Monaghan in a role that would take him out of his hobbit-ness. I had no clue wtf was going on half the time, but yeah, was I ever hooked.
White Rabbit - Jack's dad shows up and seems to be doing pretty good for a dead guy. Yep, the weirdness factor was raised a notch.
Raised By Another - Such a great, creepy episode! What with the pyschic (or was he a fraud?) so determined to get Claire to raise her child and then when she was supposed to give him up for adoption the pen not working... *brrr* Also the ep when we found out someone at the Losties camp was NOT on the flight...
Outlaws - The boar bothering Sawyer was oddly hilarious, but his flashback to Australia where he was basically conned into killing an innocent man was all seriousness. The intersect with Jack's dad was an added plus.
Exodus part 2 - How great was this finale? The freaks on the boat taking Walt and Locke at the hatch as the light comes on: that was good stuff.

Season 2:
Man of Science, Man of Faith - Jack's key flashback to when he saves Sarah and meets Desmond. And we got to see the inside of the hatch.
The 23rd Psalm - Eko's backstory, Eko meeting the monster... I miss him still.
Fire + Water - Some major weird-ass dreams for Charlie and a lot of seemingly perilous situations for Aaron. Charlie and his virgin Mary statues. Miss him too. The baptism of Aaron by Eko.
The Long Con - Sawyer again, this time with Cassidy (his baby-momma) in the flashbacks, intercut with the con to gain access to the guns. I still wanted to kick Sawyer in the nuts back in those days, even though I thought the character was great. Thinking back on how he was back then really makes you understand how far they've moved Sawyer towards the good-guy end of the spectrum.
Lockdown - One of my all time favourite eps. The supply drop, the hatch map, the button-pushing, the alarm, Ben and Locke thrown together... All that and a Locke-flashback. Hard to beat all that.
? - More Eko stuff. And also one of the most chilling scenes on the show when Charlotte, a girl who supposedly died, comes back to life on the autopsy table. Then there's Eko in a flashback meeting Charlotte, who tells him he'll soon see his brother Yemi again. Locke and Eko made an excellent team. My favourite exchange: Locke to Eko "What's the axe for?"; Eko: "I don't know yet."
Live Together, Die Alone - All the button pushing and the hatch-dwelling did kind of take over season 2 at times, but it did pay off in the season-ender when Locke, Eko and Desmond were all fighting it out in the hatch. And the scene when Des realizes that HE made 815 crash? Wow. And then the purple sky stuff and Michael getting off the island with Walt. And the guys in the Arctic calling Penny. Waiting for season 3 was torture.

Season 3
A Tale of Two Cities - Loved seeing the 815 crash from the perspective of Ben, Juliet and The Others. Also loved the madness of Jack's meltdown in his flashback when his marriage to Sarah falls apart.
The Cost of Living - Eko's last episode. Unfortunately. But his scenes with Yemi and the monster (or are they one and the same?) are golden.
Not In Portland - Alpert off-island recruiting Juliet. Fantastic ep. Also signalled the end of the silliness with Kate, Jack and Sawyer in captivity.
Flashes Before Your Eyes - Desmond's mind-bendy time travel with Ms Hawking and Penny. Anything with Desmond is good, and this was spine-tingling.
The Brig - Very dark but well-acted episode. Sawyer killing "the real Sawyer", basically after Locke telling him to do it, was some major creepiness and brutality.
The Man Behind The Curtain - Ben's backstory and Jacob's introduction. Jacob is still a total wtf for me, but this ep was definitely a good 'un. Does the title's reference to The Wizard of Oz mean that Jacob is a fraud like the wizard? Hmmm...

Season 4
Confirmed Dead - Seeing the faked (?) 815 wreckage, meeting Lapidus, Faraday, Charlotte and Miles and seeing Abbadon in Naomi's flashback - all of it was absolutely captivating. Why was Daniel crying when he saw the wreckage on TV? Dammit, I want to know!
The Constant - Desmond and Penny. 'nuff said. (Also had Faraday, which just made it better.)
The Shape of Things To Come - Alex' brutal death scene was also some of the best acting I've seen on TV. Michael Emerson is frikking amazing. Can someone just give him an Emmy now? And the monster made an appearance too.
Cabin Fever - Goodspeed's time-loopy message to Locke in his dream... loved that. More dream-scenes please! And Hurley sharing his candy bar with Ben? Hee!
There's No Place Like Home - All three parts of it considered, it was the best of eps, it was the worst of eps. Uneven, but brilliant when it was good.

42 Unanswered Questions

  1. What is the Smoke Monster?
  2. Why can't women who conceive on the island carry the baby to term?
  3. How come the island is so hard to find?
  4. Why was it impossible for Desmond to sail off the island but seemingly so easy for the freighter to find its way there?
  5. What is Widmore's deal with the island?
  6. Is Daniel Faraday time-traveling somehow?
  7. How did the polar bear end up in Tunisia?
  8. How come Richard Alpert doesn't seem to age?
  9. How exactly does "the island" prevent people from dying a la Michael?
  10. How did the Others get Juliet to the island? The submarine? Seems a long ride from Portland.
  11. Who is Abbadon?
  12. Who is Jacob?
  13. How come Jacob's cabin is seemingly hard to find?
  14. What are Walt's special powers and why did the Others say they got "more than they bargained for" with him?
  15. Who are Adam and Eve?
  16. What is the Temple? A real temple or a hatch or what?
  17. How did Yemi's plane get to the island?
  18. How did the Black Rock get to the island?
  19. Is Dr Marvin Candle (or whatever his real name is) still alive?
  20. Who/what made the food drop we saw in "Lockdown"?
  21. What was the sickness that killed Danielle's crew? Same as what happened to the people on the freighter? Then why didn't Danielle get it?
  22. Why was Juliet branded? What purpose did that serve? Just to make Jack pity her?
  23. How exactly does the island make people sick when it seemingly cures some? IE how come Ben and Jack got sick?
  24. What is the story with the four toed statue?
  25. What is the meaning of the whispers?
  26. What happened to Claire?
  27. How can Miles talk to dead people?
  28. Who built the donkey wheel under the Orchid?
  29. What was the vaccine for that Desmond kept injecting himself with? Did it really help protect him from something or was it just a ruse of some kind?
  30. What happened to Kelvin's body?
  31. How come Dharma people seemed to be present at both Locke's and Ben's births? (Alpert in Locke's case and Goodspeed in Ben's.)
  32. What happened to Annie?
  33. Was Charlotte born on the island?
  34. What's the origin of Alpert's people, aka The Hostiles?
  35. How and why did Walt appear on the island, both to Shannon and Locke?
  36. Why did the monster kill Eko? (Other than the fact that the actor wanted off the show...)
  37. What was behind Charlie's weird visions of Aaron in danger from "Fire + Water"?
  38. What happened to Christian and Yemi's bodies?
  39. Was the psychic who sent Claire off on the 815 flight a real psychic or a fraud?
  40. What did Ben do to call up the Smoke Monster?
  41. Who is Ms Hawking who turned up in Desmond's time-travel flashbacks?
  42. What's up with the Hurley Bird?
All screen-caps and promotional photos thanks to lost-media.

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