Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Awesome island map

It's here.

There's an all-world map showing the island's location:
And one of the island.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Lost without Lost.

What to do when Lost is over. When there is no more Lost. Of course the only thing to do is to rewatch old Lost episodes!

I've been watching S1, slowly but surely (still not through it all), and it is interesting to see those early days now that we know where everything ended up.

Jin and Sun were so far apart and estranged: their relationship had a wonderful arc on the show, even though both the actors were scandalously underused in later seasons.

Sayid as the go-to guy for fixing things and putting things together. He was such an instantly likable character: kudos to the show and Naveen for making an Iraqi former torturer one of the best characters ever on TV.
Kate and Jack are so obviously meant to be together by the show. I always thought that pairing made more sense than Sawyer and Kate: they had mad chemistry (Holloway has chemistry with everyone I swear, even Jack!), but they never trusted each other enough to feel totally safe with each other.

Charlie's neurotic, twitchy and hilarious contributions. Dom Monaghan is an excellent actor. Funny in a natural way, with a definite edge. I really hope he gets more work after Lost and now the cancellation of Flash Forward. He is really, really good.

Locke's instant acceptance of the island as a good place to be. But then who wouldn't love a place that made you able to walk again?

And right from the start, there was the show pushing the idea that sometimes we need to go through ordeals and trials to become the people we should be: Locke helping Charlie with his addictions, Locke guiding Boone to let go of his obsession with Shannon, Locke talking to Jack about them ending up on the island for a reason and Jack being the leader whether he wants to be one or not. See the pattern? Locke had it all right, from the start... but at the same time he is a sinister presence already: clonking Sayid on the head, setting Sayid on Sawyer knowing Sawyer was not the perpetrator of that attack... Definitely a troublesome man right off the bat, but with an instinctive connection to the island and a willingness to accept it as a place of "magic".

And Jack's dead father appearing just as a "monster" growl plays: that growl that accompanies all appearances of the monster in the early days is right there when we see Christian Shephard for the first time. VERY interesting.

Do I still have major questions about the island and the storylines developed over the years by Lost's writing team? Hell yes.

  • What did John Locke see when he meets the monster for the first time? "It was beautiful"? Did he see Smokey or did Smokey appear as something else?
  • What was the vaccine for?
  • How come Mrs Hawking was so all-knowing whenever people would meet her? Was she "enlightened" in the same way that Desmond was? In contact with her "afterlife self" somehow?
  • What was Jacob's cabin all about? Who was in it? Why did Ben appear shocked when Locke could hear a voice in the cabin? What was making all the ruckus when he took Locke there? Was that Jacob acting like a poltergeist for some reason? Why did he act like that then when he later appears to be a "normal" person living in the statue foot? Was that Smokey playing games? If Ben never saw Jacob and only took papers from Alpert... then why did he bring Locke to the cabin? He knew he couldn't bring Locke to Jacob because he'd never seen Jacob. So wtf was going on there? Had Ben been going to the cabin with Alpert and left outside while Alpert went in? Or had he discovered the cabin on his own and was somehow manipulated by Smokey when visiting?
  • Was Ben somehow manipulated by Smokey through the years? Is that how he knew how to summon Smokey and to turn the donkey wheel? Why wasn't he allowed to meet Jacob even though he was supposedly "leader" of the Others? Were any leaders ever allowed to meet Jacob, or did he always go through Alpert?
  • Is the caves that the losties live in (and where the skeletons were found) the same place where Jacob grew up once upon a time? It seems like it to me, but I'm not sure.
  • Was Smokey the first Smokey? Or was Mother a smoke monster too? This question REALLY is on my mind a lot and I am sort of hoping it may be addressed at some point on the DVD extras at least.

My main thought right now is that I will miss this show and the merry chase for answers that it took me on for all these years. It's a great show with so many awesome characters. Yes, the mysteries and questions kind of gained in importance and complexity over the years, but after watching S1 again I do totally understand what Darlton were saying when they talked about the show being all about the characters. THAT is the reason this show lived so long while many other sci-fi/fantasy shows fail: it built up an interest in these complex, flawed, human characters before dropping them into the maze of island mysteries. Wonderful show, and I already miss it terribly.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Lingering thoughts and questions...

The day after and I still am totally rocked by that episode. It did leave a lot of "facts" unexplained, but I think answering everything in any kind of detail would basically end up like a lot of exposition and would end up mainly like: "because the island is weird".

My main remaining nagging questions have to do with Ms Hawking and with Smokey.

I think that Ms Hawking in the sideways did not want to let go, even though she knew she was dead, was because in the real world she had raised her son to do "what he was supposed to do", ie go to the island and get killed by her. What mom could ever really get over that? So no wonder she hung on to that place. I also think that, in the real world, she knew a lot about what was going on because Daniel told her: I think she must have met him during the time he was working for Dharma. I think Daniel is the one who built that pendulum station she was in when the losties went back to the island. BUT: the Ms Hawking who Desmond met when he flashed into his own past after blowing up the hatch, how come she was so enlightened and seemed to know exactly what he was up to? Was it because she had knowledge from Daniel about Desmond? I'd love more about the whole Daniel-Desmond-Ms Hawking connection.

And Smokey: what was he exactly? Was he the evil "corked" into the island somehow let loose when Jacob threw his brother into the glowy cave? Why/how did he turn into the monster then? AND: was Mother also a smoke monster? Is that how she killed all the villagers and filled in the well they built? Is that how she knew it was a fate "worse than death" if you went into the light? Was her "original" body one of the skeletons Desmond saw when he climbed down into the cave?

Also: what happened to Christian Shephard and Yemi's bodies? Why did those bodies disappear?  As for the whole pregnancy danger thing: I think it was the "incident" in the 70s that somehow changed things. Because Ethan was carried to term on the island. In one of the Darlton interviews, they said something like: "We haven't spelled it out, but it seems children were born on the island in the 70s and then something happened. What could have happened???" I think they alluded to Jughead exploding/Dharma drilling into that pocket of energy.

I still wonder about the vaccine that they made such a big deal about in the early seasons. Was it to protect from radiation/energy damage from the incident? It seemed very important for Claire and Aaron to get vaccinated back in the day.

Why couldn't Widmore and Ben kill each other? I've wondered about that for a long time. Maybe it was because they had not fulfilled their destinies? They both had roles to play in Jacob's endgame: Widmore had to bring Desmond to the island and play his part there and Ben also had a part to play there. It was just not their time to go, so they could not kill each other just like Michael could not kill himself.

I think we got real explanations for the characters and what the island is: the island is sitting on top of some energy/metaphysical phenomenon that could be called hell, malevolence or whatever: just like Jacob told Alpert on the beach. Whatever that energy is, it gives the island strange powers.

When Jacob's brother turned into Smokey, Jacob didn't just have to guard the island, he also had to guard Smokey and that made his job a lot harder. The island wasn't good or evil, it is just strange and people who tried to use it for their own purposes (MiB, Dharma) ended up mostly causing trouble. Living there was fine, as Rose and Bernard's destiny shows: they were happy just to BE there.

In the end, Smokey's assertion that people are all selfish and corrupt was proved wrong: the losties saved the glowy light AND defeated Smokey because they worked together and because they loved each other and trusted each other. I would have loved to have seen some kind of scene of forgiveness/redemption with Jacob and his brother, but I guess it was really not part of the losties story.

Screencaps thanks to Lost-Media

Thank you.

Oh wow. What a way to go out. I cried so many times I lost count. When Jin and Sun remembered each other as they watched the ultrasound I was bawling. And then every time they all connected and remembered...

I still could not figure out what the sideways world was until the very end when Christian laid it all out: "How are you here?""I died too." Oh man.

Matthew Fox killed me over and over again in this episode. His confidence when he confronted Smokey, his fight with him on the cliffs, then the choice to go back and picking Hurley as his successor... And wow, his entire final walk back to the bamboo... Awesome stuff.  Everyone absolutely brought it.

I loved Sawyer and Juliet, Charlie and Claire, Kate and Jack even. I loved Frank alive in the ocean. I loved Jack's dad just being there in his white tennis shoes. I loved Ben's look of gratitude when Hurley asked him to stay (he's the new Alpert!). I loved Ben having that damn walkietalkie in his pocket all the time when he hooked up with Smokey. I loved the look of worry and disbelief on Smokey's face when Jack said he'd kill him. I loved the look on Smokey's face when Jack punched him and he was bleeding. I even almost loved the damn cork stuck in the bottom of the island, holding hell-fire red-light at bay so that the good goldy-light could shine through. I loved that Rose and Bernard were allowed to live and stay alive on the island and live out their days with Vincent (because that's what I'm thinking happened).

And I think everyone online is on to something with that the sideways was a place for them all to "let go". And I don't think they all died close in time to each other: the whole wonky-time with the alt makes more sense this way. I know several places where people were trying to work out timelines for the alt and it would never jive: of course not, because it was all outside time and space. The only real-world reality this season was the island.

I wonder what setting off the bomb did. Did it somehow create the sideways, or would that place have existed anyway because of the losties connections? Was the purpose of setting off Jughead to throw the losties back into the regular timeline after being stuck in the 70s? They needed to get back to the present to help defeat Smokey.

I found this episode hugely satisfying. I still have a million questions, but this was emotionally satisfying in a way I had not totally expected. As for Ben's fate, I think he just was not ready to let go of Alex and Rousseau yet. And I really wonder how Hurley ran the island!  I really need more time to process all this, but it was a beautiful, crazy episode. Awesome TV. I will miss this show but I will now enjoy watching all the old seasons again!

I'm sure the DVD and the post-finale interviews will have lots of tidbits about unanswered questions. Like what was up with Ms Hawking seeing Desmond in his timetravel-flashbacks when he wanted to change the past (Faraday told her somehow?) and who built the big pendulum thingie (Faraday going to the mainland in the 70s?) and who put the cork in the island? and WHAT THE HECK was the smoke monster??? And how did Jacob's brother turn into that when he went into the glowy cave?

But the show really DID wrap up the character storylines. And they stayed totally true to their mantra: "dead is dead".

"I died too." Beautiful. Well done. Now we can obsess over the details endlessly!

Screencaps thanks to Lost-Media.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

42 unanswered questions... answered?

Almost 2 years ago, I posted a list of 42 unanswered questions. I thought now might be a good time to re-visit that list!

42 Unanswered Questions
  1. What is the Smoke Monster? - Answer: it's Jacob's brother, turned into Smokey when he entered "the source", aka the glowy cave. Remaining question: was Mother who raised Jacob and his twin ALSO a Smokey? How else did she kill a whole village and fill in a well by herself?
  2. Why can't women who conceive on the island carry the baby to term? Answer: This has not been explicitly spelled out, but it would seem that setting off Jughead and/or the explosion at The Swan-site is what caused the problem.
  3. How come the island is so hard to find? Answer: Because it can be moved in space and time and is somehow "cloaked" from the outside world. Exactly how this works is still uncertain.
  4. Why was it impossible for Desmond to sail off the island but seemingly so easy for the freighter to find its way there? Answer: the freighter knew what course to set. It seems there are "windows" that can be entered to access the island and the freighter found one.
  5. What is Widmore's deal with the island? Answer: He was once the leader of the Others, was banished and tried to return for a loooong time. Was finally called back to the island by Jacob, only to end up being shot by Ben.
  6. Is Daniel Faraday time-traveling somehow? Answer: He was, when all the losties time-skipped. Not sure about any other time travel he might have done.
  7. How did the polar bear end up in Tunisia? Answer: It probably turned the donkey wheel.
  8. How come Richard Alpert doesn't seem to age? Answer: Jacob granted his wish. Alpert didn't want to go to hell because of his "sins" so he didn't want to die.
  9. How exactly does "the island" prevent people from dying a la Michael? Answer: none yet. Jacob won't let them maybe?
  10. How did the Others get Juliet to the island? The submarine? Seems a long ride from Portland. Answer: It was probably the sub since that's how Widmore got there too.
  11. Who is Abbadon? Answer: He worked for Widmore and his mission was to get people where they needed to go. (So why was he telling John Locke about walkabouts once upon a time? Was he working for Widmore or Jacob then?)
  12. Who is Jacob? Answer: See Across the Sea. ;) Human, immortal, island guardian against his will (pretty much). Ultimate creator of The Others. Enemy and brother of Smokey/The Man in Black.
  13. How come Jacob's cabin is seemingly hard to find? Answer: not sure. Why was the cabin moving? If it was built by the Dharma-guy Goodspeed, then why was it inhabited by Jacob... or was it???
  14. What are Walt's special powers and why did the Others say they got "more than they bargained for" with him? Answer: Stop asking about Walt! He's too tall now!
  15. Who are Adam and Eve? Answer: Mother, aka Jacob's foster mother, and Jacob's twin brother.
  16. What is the Temple? A real temple or a hatch or what? Answer: It's a real temple with a healing pool and guarded by The Others. Then cleaned out by Smokey.
  17. How did Yemi's plane get to the island? Answer: Because he flew into a "window" to the island I'm guessing.
  18. How did the Black Rock get to the island? Answer: Thrown up into the jungle by a giant wave in a crazy storm.
  19. Is Dr Marvin Candle (or whatever his real name is) still alive? Answer: Nope. Except in the Sideways universe of course.
  20. Who/what made the food drop we saw in "Lockdown"? Answer: no idea.
  21. What was the sickness that killed Danielle's crew? Same as what happened to the people on the freighter? Then why didn't Danielle get it? Answer: Danielle's crew was "infected" by Smokey and turned "evil". It is different than what happened on the freighter, since those people were getting the time-travel nose-bleeds.
  22. Why was Juliet branded? What purpose did that serve? Just to make Jack pity her? Answer: who knows.
  23. How exactly does the island make people sick when it seemingly cures some? IE how come Ben and Jack got sick? Answer: not sure. Jacob giveth and he taketh away?
  24. What is the story with the four toed statue? Answer: It's Taweret. It was smashed by the Black Rock and the storm. Jacob lived in a hovel in the remaining foot.
  25. What is the meaning of the whispers? Answer: They are dead people, trapped on the island and unable to move on. (Which is starting to totally remind me of Odysseus visiting Hades...)
  26. What happened to Claire? Answer: She was infected by Smokey and turned a little insane and got really bad hair. But still managed to properly pluck her eyebrows.
  27. How can Miles talk to dead people? Answer: He just can. Ok?
  28. Who built the donkey wheel under the Orchid? Answer: Jacob's brother and the people who lived on the island back then basically thought it all up and then someone else ended up building it after Mother tried to stop construction.
  29. What was the vaccine for that Desmond kept injecting himself with? Did it really help protect him from something or was it just a ruse of some kind? Answer: no idea.
  30. What happened to Kelvin's body? Answer: no idea.
  31. How come Dharma people seemed to be present at both Locke's and Ben's births? (Alpert in Locke's case and Goodspeed in Ben's.) Answer: Luck/fate/coincidence (in Ben's case) and manipulation (by Smokey in Locke's case).
  32. What happened to Annie? Answer: She left the island when it was evacuated in connection with the Swan Hatch debacle.
  33. Was Charlotte born on the island? Answer: Yes.
  34. What's the origin of Alpert's people, aka The Hostiles? Answer: They're Jacob's band of helpers. And after the wiped out Dharma, they absorbed some of the people from that organization too.
  35. How and why did Walt appear on the island, both to Shannon and Locke? Answer: Because he's special?
  36. Why did the monster kill Eko? (Other than the fact that the actor wanted off the show...) Answer: He wasn't a candidate and he pissed off the monster... I think.
  37. What was behind Charlie's weird visions of Aaron in danger from "Fire + Water"? Answer: No idea. Premonitions?
  38. What happened to Christian and Yemi's bodies? Answer: no idea. Did Smokey take them?
  39. Was the psychic who sent Claire off on the 815 flight a real psychic or a fraud? Answer: I think he was real.
  40. What did Ben do to call up the Smoke Monster? Answer: Pull the plug in a dirty pool in an ancient tunnel under his house.
  41. Who is Ms Hawking who turned up in Desmond's time-travel flashbacks? Answer: She is Daniel Faraday's mother, an ex-leader of the Others who now seems creepily aware of all time-line options wherever she is.
  42. What's up with the Hurley Bird? Answer: I really don't care and don't know.
So you know what?  They have answered A LOT of questions by now. No, not all of them have been answered in minute detail, but many have some form of answers. I'm surprised their batting average is this good!

Map it out

Yes, it's Thursday night and approximately 72 hours until the Lost finale. You'd think it would be possible just to wait and let the answers come when the final episode airs, but nooooo.

JACOB: Do you remember that bamboo field you woke up in when you first got here?
JACK: Yeah.
JACOB: Beyond that field, across the ridge, is the heart of the island. That’s where the light is... That’s where he’s trying to go. And that’s what you have to protect.
JACK: Past the bamboo? There’s nothing out there.
JACOB: Yes, there is, Jack. And now you’ll be able to get there...
This was one of the most intriguing exchanges in an episode chock-full of  intriguing exchanges. Jack was that close to the heart of the island, aka the glowy cave, when he first woke up after the plane crash. The glowy cave was right there somewhere, except he was unable to find it, yet. Just like with the lighthouse.

HURLEY: It's right there. It's a lighthouse.
JACK: I don't understand. How is it that we've never seen it before?
HURLEY: Guess we weren't lookin for it.

So I went and looked at some fan-made maps of the island and found lots of detailed work. This is probably my favourite: updated with Season 6 locations. And isn't it interesting that in that one area of the island where the losties originally crashed, there is just a barrel-full of awesome locations: the beach where the fuselage crashed, the first and second beach camps, the caves, the Swan hatch (with Desmond inside), the cabin, the crash-site of the cockpit where we saw the monster kill someone for the first time... it's all right there in a small section of the south-west corner of the island. Coincidence or fate? (Bwah!) And this is also where Jack woke up in the bamboo and where the glowy cave of ultimate light and stuff happens to be located.

The glowy cave HAS to be close by the caves, and the caves have to be close by where Mother's camp was. In Across the Sea, Jacob carries both Mother and his brother and lays them to rest in the caves. Was Mother's camp IN the caves? Maybe.

Will Jack meet his father, not as a Smokey-apparition but as a "real ghost" when he heads back to where it all began? In the old mobisode "So it begins" we saw Christian Shephard send Vincent off to wake up Jack: was that Smokey sending Vincent off or was it actually a different entity, aka "ghost Christian"? We still haven't seen Jack's dad this season: not dead OR alive OR undead... I'm betting he makes an appearance in the finale because this show is going full circle: back to the bamboo, back to the source and maybe also back to Jack's daddy issues. Can. not. wait.

Screencaps thanks to Lost-Media and Lostpedia.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My favourite Lost scene ever?

At least it's on my Top 10 list.

 It's Jacob and Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley.

What does go through Jack's mind after he drinks the water? He looks as though he's suddenly... enlightened. I can NOT wait for Sunday.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Now you're like me."

"Now you're like me."

Oh man, how I loved this episode and how I LOVED that scene and that line. Mark Pellegrino and Matthew Fox f-ing brought it. I usually think Terry O'Quinn and Michael Emerson provide the best moments in any episode they're in, but tonight they had to give it up for Jack and Jacob.
Yes I cried. Because dammit if this show isn't totally messing with our heads now. Giving us answers, giving us lines spoken previously by others to now be spoken by the remaining players... Kate saying Charlie's line "Terrific" really got to me for some reason, even though it wasn't even an important moment. "Don't mistake coincidence for fate." "What if all this is happening for a reason." And add in Jack's bleeding neck-wound and we're all in the maelstrom of time again.

Ben with Alex and Danielle was a beautiful moment. I wonder how much Ben remembered of his other life in the alt-verse... He seemed somehow changed there, almost as though he remembered having raised Alex before.

Jack standing up and taking the job and then drinking from the cup... man oh man... Matthew Fox totally brought it. Jack's arc from S1 to now is just blowing my mind. And to me, this whole episode absolutely played like a part 2 to Across the Sea: we saw the end of Jacob's story and heard him say "Now you're like me" (seriously, that moment took my breath away). I loved last week's episode and I loved this week's and f-ing LOVE how this show pushes us to the brink like this when it's on its A-game. Anyone who had reservations about Across the Sea should at least be somewhat placated now: it was NOT a stand-alone episode that had no connection to the fate of the losties. It was part 1 of what we saw tonight and I thought it was powerful, played like that.

The look on Jacob's face as Jack drank from the cup was so moving. Sadness, relief, empathy... Man, I need to watch this ep again just because of the scene with them in the river.

More thoughts:

The scene with Jacob when he explained why he picked them was very moving. I really love Pellegrino's way of portraying Jacob. There's no fake emotion there, no pretending to really care that he's dragged them to the island, no sugarcoating. You're all flawed, and you needed this place and I'm not even going to apologize for it. Harsh, but I like that. He isn't pissing around. He's not some goody-goody. He has a purpose and a mission and he needed someone to take his place. He's playing for keeps and has been from the start.

I also liked that the crossing out of names didn't really carry any magic meaning. It just meant he figured they didn't want the job (or were dead). I think now that the reason Sun didn't flash off the plane with everyone else to the 70s is because she was NOT the candidate: Jin was.

Seeing Ana-Lucia was awesome, and Hurley recognizing her was even better! Desmond is seriously freaking me out now: he's so zen it's unnatural. And how will remembering their "alternate" universe help in any way? Will it help the losties on the island?

I sure hope Richard is alive or that we at least get to see him dead. Don't kill the pretty already!

I was glad to see Zoe bite it but shocked that Widmore died already. So Desmond's the fail-safe and can presumably kill Smokey if the candidates should fail to do so. And Desmond turned the fail-safe in the hatch which made it explode... Smokey says he wants to destroy the island: as in put the C-4 into the glowy cave? Have Desmond put it in there maybe? 

This was a hugely emotionally satisfying episode. My only complaint being that Richard's fate is still up in the air. Don't play with us like that at this point! If he's dead then show him to us dead. I had a bad feeling as soon as Richard stepped out of that door though... I'm thinking the monster just couldn't stand the sight of his hotness.

Sunday's show will be devastating I think. They squeezed me good today, but I think Sunday will just be hell. NTTAWWT!

Screencaps thanks to Lost-Media.

Monday, May 17, 2010

So I figured out why Widmore brought Desmond

Yes I did. I woke up this morning, and obviously my brain has been working in overdrive with Lost-related info, because when I woke up I had this lightbulb moment: "THAT'S why he brought Desmond!".

  • Desmond is not killed by electromagnetism.
  • Widmore is looking for electromagnetic anomalies on the island using a Dharma-map (that's why they kidnapped Jin).
  • We've now seen the weird light-cave that is the "heart" of the island and which turned Jacob's twin into Smokey.
Widmore needs Desmond to go into that cave and DO something. Not sure what. What can he do? Does he want to harness the light? Tap it? What? Could Desmond somehow liberate Smokey if he went in there?

Also interesting is a quote from Pellegrino, aka Jacob, that was in TV-Guide: Why can Jacob leave the island, as he's done to visit his candidates, but the Man in Black cannot?
Pellegrino: This is a question that I've wondered about myself actually. I don't think the answer is directly provided in any episode, but it could be the fact that I'm a guardian of sorts and therefore have a certain power to exit when I want to. He can leave as long as it's directly for a certain purpose. After I threw the Man in Black in the pit, he's chained there. He's become incorporeal, and he's in something worse than hell.
Chained? Is that why we hear a mechanical, "chain-rattling" sound when Smokey moves? And could someone break the chain? "Nice to see you out of those chains" is what Smokey told Alpert after all...

Yes, my brain is imploding. Why do you ask?